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Insert Joke About Mayans Here

The results! Loads of you voted in my awards last week, and a big thank you to all who did. Those who didn’t, you’re are an insult to democracy. HOPE YOU’RE HAPPY LIVING IN NORTH KOREA. Anyway, there are a … Continue reading

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Television and That Awards 2012

I haven’t blogged in ages. I know, I’m the laziest person in the entire world, but I’m hoping my second annual awards will revive my love of forcing my opinions about shit on to people. Particularly with Oscar season rapidly … Continue reading

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Star Wars Episode VII: Attack of the Nerds

Guess what everyone? Disney has gone and bought LucasFilm off of George Lucas, and they are releasing the long-rumoured (but nobody ever thought would ACTUALLY happen) Episode  VII in 2015. I was going to just stick a link up on … Continue reading

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Purple hair today, gone tomorrow

I have done a completely 180 turn on my opinion of Gary Barlow. Last week, I complained how he was destroying the show by sucking away any fun he could. Apparently, it’s quite a popular opinion, since I’ve seen several … Continue reading

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Films and That: Dark Shadows

Memo to Tim Burton and Johnny Depp: STOP WORKING WITH EACH OTHER. I’m sure you get on well, and have a lovely time and it’s all very comfy, but you’re dragging each other down into such mediocrity it’s just sad.

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Everybody loves Doctor Who and Adele, apparently

Massive thank yous to everyone who voted, let’s check out the winners of the first ever Television and That awards (something I’m totes going to be doing again next year. I like awards).

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Television and That Awards 2011

Yeah, I wanted this to be before 2011 actually finished, but my laptop broke, so it’s a week late. Boo. Still, always nice to vote on things, isn’t it?

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