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Gleeful and Triumphant (sometimes)

Oh, Glee. Honestly, the most frustrating television programme on at the moment. Back in’t day, it was original, witty and genuinely enjoyable. Now, whilst there are still glimmers of that show around, every single week during season 3 there’s been … Continue reading

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Thursday Treat #8: Darren Criss

Glee’s finished in America now,and is soon to finish in the UK (and, frankly, it might as well be for good, since it’s moving to Sky next year) so I thought I’d celebrate with another Glee-related Thursday Treat. And there … Continue reading

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No Matter Gay, Straight or Bi, Lesbian, Transgendered Life.

A feature-length episode of Glee where we’re promised lots of gayness, a version of “Born This Way” and Kurt back at McKinley? Why Fox, you do spoil us so.

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Like the Emmys, but a bit shit.

So the telly BAFTAs have been announced and it’s a fairly mixed bag. Whilst, many of the categories are impossible to call, such is the standard of the nominees, there are some notable omissions, and one inclusion that REALLY grinds … Continue reading

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Hooray, Hooray, Have a Holly Holiday

You know when you watch an episode of something and think “Yes. This is what it should be like every week”. This is exactly what I thought of this week’s Glee. And that gives me a warm tingly feeling inside. … Continue reading

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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

After last week’s horrendousness, Glee can get back to normal and actually think about the characters a bit more, rather than who would be best to dedicate an episode to. And we get the beginning of possible the biggest storyline … Continue reading

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Going through a Rocky patch

I’ve been fairly vocal on this blog about how the Rocky Horror special of Glee is by far and away my least favourite episode ever. And I sat through the one about Funk. So on my repeat viewing, I was … Continue reading

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