Thursday Treat #23: Eurovision 2013

Eurovision is here again! Genuinely my favourite weekend of the entire year, even more then my birthday or Christmas. And with Eurovision comes my annual post about the hot men competing this year’s competition.

Plus it gets me loads of hits, genuinely thousands of people have found my blog because they want to see Eric Saade with his top off. And who can blame them?

Andruis Pojavis (Lithuania)

Andrius Pojavis shirtless

When me and my mates were watching the first semi-final, we all very much enjoyed him when he first showed up, but then he started doing that dead-eyed squinty thing, to the point were it seemed he wanted to reach through the TV screen and wear our skin. But a quick Google revealed he definitely is fit, so maybe he was on drugs or something? </libel>

Ryan Dolan (or more accurately, his hot dancers) (Ireland)

Poor old Ryan seems to have the same stylists as the cast of My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (TONE DOWN THE RONSEAL, RYAN) but his dancers? Jesus Christ, yes please. I have discovered through the use of Internets that their names are Colm Farrell (not a typo, definitely not Colin) and Alan McGrath (weird that someone this hot is called Alan). Their faces might not be up to much, but I can’t tell, my eyes haven’t wandered that far north yet.

Farid Mammadov (Azerbaijan)

I’m pretty sure when he looked into the camera I got pregnant. AND THEN LOOK WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE SHIRTLESS. throw in the pretty hot homoerotic subtext between him and the guy in the box during his performance, and I am so on board with all of this.


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