US Autumn Preview 2013: ABC

This year, almost my entire anticipation for upfronts has been built around one show, and one show only. I never watch American shows from the outset, the chance they’ll get cancelled right when I’m getting into them is too high, but I’m totally watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. from day one.

Renewals:  Castle, Once Upon a Time, Revenge, (both of which have totally gone off the boil recently) Nashville, surprise hit Scandal, the ageing but still amazing Modern Family, Suburgatory, aliens-in-suburbia sitcom The Neighbors (no idea how that did well enough to get renewed), and present day version of E.R., Grey’s Anatomy.

Cancellations: The ridiculously underrated Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, corpse-’em-up Body of Proof, Grey’s Anatomy spin-off Private Practise, and worst of all, the completely incredible Happy Endings. Apparently it might get picked up by a cable channel, which it had bloody well better.

New Shows

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Ah spinoffs, you tricky bastards. Sometimes they’re horrific (I’m looking at you, Joey), sometimes they’re amazing (Frasier), but with this one I think what we’re going to get is campy, ridiculous, sometimes incoherently dreadful, fun (*cough*Torchwood*cough*). Apparently, at least one of the scenes in the pilot takes place in Storybrooke, which is terribly exciting, plus it stars Michael Socha from Being Human, and Hannah Ashworth from Hollyoaks being a bitch-mazing Red Queen (which I assume, like in the books, is a different thing to the Queen of Hearts as we all know that’s Cora). As long as the quality of the main show doesn’t dip (/dip even further, seriously yeesh) then I’m completely on board.


Revenge has gotten properly shit recently, so I’m looking for a new trashy American soap to enjoy. I’m going to make a start on Scandal over the summer, but this also looks promising, about a couple who fall in love and have an affair despite her being married, BUT WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT, he’s prosecuting her husband, or her husband is prosecuting him, or gangsters or something, I don’t know. All I know is I want something insanely melodramatic, with lots of slaps and drink throwing and meaningful looks to camera when people leave the room.

Super Fun Night

The above trailer isn’t particularly funny, but I adore Rebel Wilson so hopefully once the writers get used to her particular brand of humour (or just let her ad-lib the whole thing, that’d probably work too) this should turn into something worth watching. Plus, it’s got the slot right behind Modern Family, which essentially secures it a second season unless it completely bombs.

The Goldbergs

Look, family sitcoms are always going to be regurgitated up every year with different schticks. The Middle is about a poor family, Suburgatory is about an urban family in the suburbs, The Neighbors is about a family who live next door to aliens (srsly, how did that get renewed?!) and this is about a family in the 80’s. Fortunately, it actually looks really funny, with good jokes and a talented cast. Sadly, they’ve put it against New Girl and The Voice so… it won’t last.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

If this was just a brand new Joss Whedon show, I’d be looking forward to it a ridiculous amount (RIP FIREFLY). If this was just a TV spin-off of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’d be looking forward to it a ridiculous amount. The fact that it’s both means I might just explode over the next few months from sheer anticipation. DON’T FUCK IT UP, JOSS.


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