US Autumn Preview 2013: Fox

After yesterdays NBC debacle, I wasn’t really looking forward to doing the rest of my American previews (apart from the one involving Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., obviously) but from the following, it looks like yesterday was a bit of a blip, and whilst there are still no obvious mega-hits, there is also less utterly irredeemable crap.

Renewals: Most of the animated stuff remains, i.e. Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad and Bob’s Burgers (only the latter is actually worth watching these days), while in live action, you’ve got Bones, Raising Hope (both of which have been moved to Fridays, never a good sign), Glee (which is renewed all the way to 2015), The Mindy Project, New Girl (which is getting the highly coveted post-Super Bowl slot) and The Following (which I hear started off amazing, and got properly shit). The reality shows like American Idol (sans Randy Jackson) and The X Factor (sans Britney Spears) are back again, oh and they’re bringing back some spy drama from a few years ago you might have heard of…. 24.

Cancellations: Not much, The Cleveland Show has been put out of it’s misery, Touch has gone thus freeing up Keifer Sutherland for 24, and my beloved Fringe was allowed to come to a proper conclusion, rather than just getting the axe.

New Shows

Almost Human

This seems to be the most obvious choice for a Fringe replacement, what with it being from the same makers and the same channel. It’s a sci-fi show set about thirty years in the future, with robots joining forces with cops. About a minute into this trailer I was rolling my eyes massively, and frankly was just seeing it as an IRL version of Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E. Fortunately, the main robot chappy seems quite funny, and if the whole thing could turn into a sci-fi version of a buddy-cop comedy, rather than the uber-serious, uber-generic, FUTURE CRIME thing it threatens to be at the beginning, I might be interested


Seth Macfarlane’s first ever live action comedy pretty much proves what recent Family Guy and the underwhelming Ted have been hinting at: the wheels have completely come off this particular gravy train. Honestly, I haven’t seen anything so terrible in all my days. It’s actually worth watching the trailer just to see the sitcom equivalent to a hate crime. Please watch in astoundment as a sitcom written in 2013 thinks it is both acceptable and hilarious for two wealthy, heterosexual white men to demean and sexualise an Asian woman. Oh, but don’t worry, one of the characters has a Hispanic maid who can barely speak English. FUNSIES. A television programme has literally never made me so angry, and I watched, helpless, as Mrs Brown’s Boys won a BAFTA last year.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Not a huge number of laughs in this trailer, but it’s just setting things up and I do love me a group of misfits trying to work together, as this group of incompetent police officers try to fight crime. Plus, I do have a pretty big crush on Andy Samberg and his weird mouth.


A comedy trailer WITH ACTUAL JOKES. It’s been so long, I forgot what they looked like. Basically, much like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a group of clueless misfits are trained up, except this lot are in the army. It’s Police Academy but not terrible. And it includes possibly my favourite amputee related joke ever. And that’s a pretty competitive title.

Us & Them

This is the big surprise for me, a remake of Gavin & Stacey (which I completely adored btw) and it’s not completely shit! If anything this looks actually quite good. You can see all the same beats: the overly enthusiastic uncle, the unattractive best friends, the mum who thinks she’s higher class than she actually is, even some of the jokes are the same. But it looks like it could carve it’s own niche into the premise, and actually a long distance relationship makes much more sense as a difficulty in a relationship in America (which is huge) than Britain (which is a few hours car drive, tops). Weird thing: the American versions of Nessa and Smithy are genuinely odd looking rather than Ruth James and James Corden who are both quite attractive, if a bit fat. Not usually that way round in American/British adaptations.

Other shows

An adaptation of Sleepy Hollow, where an American Civil War officer is transported to 2013 to fight spooky crimes and includes as many forced “WHAT YEAR IS THIS?! WHAT IS THAT STRANGE METAL BIRD YONDER” fish-out-of-water yucks as you’d expect, Gang Related a cop show where the cops in question take on gangs starring Locke from Lost, and Surviving Jack, which seems like yet another sitcom where the dad stays home to take care of the kids WHICH AS WE ALL KNOW IS RIDICULOUS BECAUSE THAT’S A WOMAN’S JOB etc etc. But it has various things in it’s corner, namely it’s from the creator of Scrubs and Cougar Town and seems to share their cheerily sarcastic sense of humour, it starts Christopher Meloni from True Blood who is a serious DILF, and it’s set in 1991 which is at least a little bit original.


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