Films and That: Skyfall

Fun story: whilst queueing to get into the cinema, some chavs started having a fight next to us all, swearing and bleeding and their daughters screaming and the like. Harlow, ladies and gentlemen!

Anyway, that should give you a good indication of the scab-eating mouth-breathing mongoloids that I had to endure whilst watching this film, with their rustling of Tesco bags and loudly saying things like “OH, ARE THEY DEAD THEN?” or “WHO’S HE? ALBERT SUMMINK, INNIT?”, and yet despite all that I still BLOODY LOVED THIS FILM.

I’ve seen pretty much every Bond film (I know I’ve deffo seen all the Roger Moore ones, but my memories of them are… hazy at best) and this is my new favourite one (used to be GoldenEye). What I love about it, is that it manages to make a James Bond film that still manages to be a believable spy film for 2012. This forgoes the fancy car (the DB5 turns up for a bit, but there’s much less car-wanking that there normally is), the gadgets (“Where you expecting an exploding pen?”) and the standard “Bond girl” (There are three major female characters, and none of them fit the trope, which pleases me), and instead has a coherent plot and forgets that Bond is the “hero” and is instead a weapon for M to use.

This is basically the story of Judi Dench v Javier Bardem, but told through the eyes of Daniel Craig. He’s just as much a weapon as any computer hacking, or bomb, or tube train. And at this point, Craig has the whole thing DOWN. He makes it look effortless, to the point that I forgot it was “JAMES BOND” and started thinking of him as an actual character, rather than the lazy caricature he has been in the past.

Javier Bardem, as the main villain, is… well I’m not sure. He’s creepy, predatory, lizard-y, and just the right amount of vile but I felt like he never really popped. Very well acted and there have deffo been worse villains, it’s just… there have been better too.

The supporting cast is as amazing as you would expect considering it includes Naomie Harris, Ben Whishaw, Ralph Fiennes and Albert Finney. The first three look like they’ll be back for more in the future and I for one am THRILLED. (Sidenote: I’m not the only one with a massive crush on Ben Whishaw am I?)

The directing is exceptional, the music is fantastic, and the theme song works on around eleven different levels and I adore it SO VERY HARD. Adele is perfection, and I accept no other opinions on the matter.

If you’re a Bond purist you might be a bit annoyed at the lack of stupid invisible cars (srsly, fuck that movie)  but I love that they clearly decided “nuts to tradition let’s just make a bloody good movie”. And they bloody well did.


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