Films and That: Looper

These days, big original films aren’t particularly forthcoming. Everything’s either a sequel or an adaptation of a comic of book or TV show Not that I’m complaining, sequels and adaptations can be very good, but when something completely original comes along and blows your balls off it is nice, isn’t it?

So, basic plot summary, it’s set about 30 years in the future. 30 years after that, time travel is invented and now the mob are sending people they want killed back in time to be all cleared up nice and cleanly. Joseph Gordon Levitt (off of The Dark Knight Rises, Inception and 3rd Rock from the Sun) is a “looper” someone hired to do the killing. Of course, the mob want that cleared up too and eventually send all the loopers back in time so the loopers eventually have to kill their future selves. You can probably guess who eventually gets sent back.

And it’s amazing. It’s full of action, romance, sci-fi, it’s clever but still really sweet, and has a big ol’ slab of gratuitous violence which always jazzes things up a bit. I don’t want to go into too many details because it’s much much more amazing if you don’t really know what’s coming, like I didn’t when I saw it.

Joseph Gordon Levitt has had something done to his face, prosthetics I assume, so that he does genuinely look like Bruce Willis (his older self) although it can be a little off-putting at first. From the trailers, I was expecting Bruce Willis to be basically the main character and he totally isn’t. Well, technically he is I suppose, but don’t go expecting loads of Willis, he is very much a supporting actor in this.

If I had a major criticism, I suppose it’d be that women are barely involved in proceedings. I can only think of three women in the whole film, one has no lines and another’s character can be entirely summarised with “whore”. But, if you’re only going to have one main woman in your film, it’s always a good idea to have Emily Blunt to play her, who is as amazing as you would expect, i.e. very.

Honestly, I can’t pour enough hyperbole on this film, I utterly adored and I encourage literally everyone to go see it. It may be my favourite film of the year, and in a year that has also involved The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, that is very high praise indeed.


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