Films and That: Magic Mike

Does anyone really care about the quality of this film? I mean, really? The vast, vast, VAST majority of people who want to see this film are interesting in one thing and one things only: how much the male cast take their clothes off.  Well, you’re in luck: it’s quite a lot.

I’ll get to just how much naked men you get to see in a second (with moving images and everything. I’m that good to you) but I feel like I should at least try to give a review of the film first. And…. well, it’s only OK.

Surprisingly though, one of the best things about is Channing Tatum. I’ve always considered Tatum to be nothing more than a walking sex doll, the love child of Stretch Armstrong and a potato, who’s only function in life is to be a blank template of a hunk to be inserted in bland romcoms so menopausal women have something to droll over inbetween Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried emoting. But here, he’s charming, completely relaxed and a really good main character. He has a romance plot and actually has really good, realistic chemistry with Cody Horn who plays the love interest, and if the film was exclusively a story of a man realising that stripping isn’t really for him thanks to some woman, it’d be a great film that I would heartily recommend.

Sadly, Alex Pettyfer is in it, as some dick who is introduced to the stripping world by Mike. Pettyfer may be really really really really really really good looking, but sadly as an actor, he is worse than useless. His character is an utter dick hole from start to finish, to point where I’m not sure if we were ever meant to sympathise with him. How can you like someone who refuses to get a job because “he doesn’t like ties”?! GET A JOB, YOU BUM. Anyway, he quickly goes off the rails and there is little to no payoff for the storyline. No one tries to help him, not even his own sister. It’s bizarre and the whole film would be better off without him.

As for the supporting cast, don’t go expecting much from Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello. There’s a few stripping montages, but apart from that, they’re barely in it.

Anyway, the film is good fun, and manages to not take itself too seriously, but it can’t seem to decide if stripping is a great lifestyle choice, or worse than murder. It’s a very confused film, but worth a watch at least once.

Anyway, as promised, a list of who takes their clothes off:

Channing Tatum: shirtless (a lot), gets his arse out (a few times)

Alex Pettyfer: shirtless (a lot), gets his arse out (a couple of times)

Matt Bomer: shirtless (a few times), gets his arse out (once, but is thrusting at the time)

Joe Manganiello: shirtless (I think he only has a top on in one scene), gets out a penis prosthetic a few times, no arse showing though 😦 x a million

Matthew McConaughey: shirtless (a LOT), gets his arse out (once, I think). FYI, whilst his body is still very impressive, he has gotten OLD.

And now the gifs:


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