Films and That: The Amazing Spider Man

The first Spider Man movie was released ten years ago. Since then, we had two sequels (one amazing, one completely shit), and now we’re getting a reboot. Yeah, I don’t know why either. It all seems a little pointless, but that doesn’t mean the new film can’t be extremely awesome.

Frankly, I never liked Tobey Maguire. His voice irritates me, and frankly he’s always given me a creepy molester vibe. Kirsten Dunst annoys me too. So the main draw for me was the two new stars, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, both of whom I entirely adore. And they’re very much the best part of this new one.

I never really bought Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, because he’s meant be this awkward, geeky guy whereas Maguire brought the awkward geekiness, it was more in the way that someone plays a future serial killer. If Spider Man’s secret identity had been Fred West, he would have been perfect. Andrew Garfield, meanwhile is perfect. You can tell he’s a complete geek but it’s in a much more likeable, endearing way. The only problem I had was that he is completely beautiful and therefore not particularly convincing as a social outcast. But when your biggest problem with a performance is that the actor is drop dead gorgeous, it’s not that big a problem, is it? Oh, and if he was really a genius scientist, HE WOULDN’T BE USING INTERNET EXPLORER OR BING. I don’t give a poo about product placement, both of those things suck all the balls.

Emma Stone is easily one of my favourite people too, ever since Easy A. Her character, Gwen Stacy, isn’t especially well written, even though she’s in the majority of the scenes, you come away with a not particularly clear picture of who she is. But thanks to Emma being one of the most likeable people on the planet, you can’t help but adore her. And she has her moments of bravery, and it’s believable bravery too. Yeah, she might try and save the world, but when she’s attacked by a giant, murderous lizard, bitch gonna scream. And fair enough.

Speaking of the big giant Lizard, I wasn’t that fussed about him one way or the other. Rhys Ifans is very good, obvs, the CGI’s pretty good, and you understand why he’s doing it all, it’s a very nice Jekyll and Hyde undertone to it all. But frankly, there’s nothing really memorable about him. When it comes to villains, Spidey is WAY behind the Bat. There’s several mention of Norman Osborn through the film though, so I would expect an appearance by the Green Goblin in a future instalment.

There are problems with pacing, and some storylines are just plain forgotten about, like Peter’s desperate search for the truth about his father which is entirely ignored about half way through. To be fair, he has other things on his mind, but still. The director does redeem himself with some lovely POV shot of swinging though the city, which aren’t over done, and all the battles are done beautifully with some Spider Man really using all the tricks he has, which he sort of didn’t in the last series.

The whole thing is darker, grittier and just generally more bleak than the more blockbuster-y superhero films from the last decade, Christopher Nolan apparently having had an effect. I’m not sure how it fits into the Avengers universe, I assume it does but there’s no mention of Iron Man despite everything taking place in New York.

It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s extremely well made, impeccably acted and sets things up nicely for future instalments. It might not make the most sense to repeat a series that’s only ten years old, but ho hum. I had a good time.



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