Music and That: Alexandra Burke – Heartbreak on Hold

Poor the Burke. She just can’t seem to get anyone to give a shit about her. She’s oh so very awesome and yet the whole country seems to have decided that she’s “arrogant” and “full of herself” (doesn’t seem to be a problem for everyone to spaff themselves over hat-twat Olly Murs, but that’s not for here). Thusly, her new album ended up limping into the charts at number 18 last weekend, and it really isn’t fair considering it’s really rather good.

Now, if there’s one major problem she seems to have developed recently, it’s that her songs lack personality, which especially odd when you consider that personality is not something that she is particularly lacking in.

But is originality really what you want from an Alexandra Burke album? Is anyone going to come away from this thinking “Well, it was good fun, but she’s normally such a musical ground-breaker!”. No. She jumps on the nearest bandwagon and does a bloody good job of it. This is an album to just have fun with, not a Mercury Music Award winner, and that’s fine.

Included here are songs you can just dance your tits off to, such as the singles “Elephant” and “Let it Go“, sassy “I don’t need no man” numbers like the title track, slower but still dance-y Robyn-esque stuff like “Sitting on Top of the World”, or the ridiculously camp “This Love Will Survive” or “Love You That Much”. Then there’s a couple of songs that aren’t particularly amazing but have completely amazing bits like “Tonight”, which is only worth it for the break down, or “Oh La La” which has an amazing hook, but not much else (and was weirdly co-written by Emeli Sande. It sounds like literally none of her songs).

Hopefully with her next album (and hopefully there IS a next album), Alexandra will be able to find a happy middle ground between the consistency and fun of this album, and the originality and personality that infested “Overcome”, even if most of it’s tracks were a bit dodgy. I really do hope more people buy this, even if it’s just to facilitate another X Factor performance along the lines of this one. Bitch can put on a SHOW, y’all.

BEST 3 SONGS: “Let It Go”, “Heartbreak on Hold”, “Beating Still”


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One Response to Music and That: Alexandra Burke – Heartbreak on Hold

  1. Jonathan says:

    I very much agree with this. I’m rather a hypocrite because I have not bought the latest album – or her first for that matter – but it does annoy me that people don’t warm to her. It’s obviously because she has come from X Factor, but there is no denying that she is talented.

    That said, I listened to the album for the first time yesterday and I have to say I’m really unsure about it. Elephant is so so, but I love Let It Go! I would happily listen to that over and over again. But beyond that I don’t really remember anything else. I guess I will have to give it another listen as I’m sure a lot of the tracks are growers.

    I feel even worse knowing that it only got to number 18! I really should buy it. Did you see the story the other day that radios don’t play her songs anymore. She hinted that it was because she is no longer with Syco and I can’t help but agree. She definitely deserves more airplay than she gets.

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