Thursday Treat #22: England football team

Here’s a shocker for you: I actually quite enjoy football. Not playing it, a baby sparrow has better sporting skills than me, but I keep up to date with all the goings on and am actually not bad at having a football related conversation. I keep it in my back pocket in case I end up in a one on one conversation with a straight man.

But let’s be honest, perving at the hot men in little shorts is still loads of fun, and in case you didn’t know, the European Championships kick off tomorrow, in which we can expect “our boys” to be as stunningly average as usual. Plus, they banned those shirtless goal celebrations. Killjoys.

One disclaimer: I went through the entire England team and… well it’s slim pickings for hot men. Not cool, Roy Hodgson. I’ve never seen so many butter faces in my life. So I’ve also picked one player who wasn’t called up for the squad (but has played for England in the last few months so it counts) and another who’s injured at the mo.

Steven Gerrard

Joe Hart

Frank Lampard

Micah Richards


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2 Responses to Thursday Treat #22: England football team

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  2. Jen says:

    You forgot Theo Walcott, he’s my baby anyway. haha
    also: “perving at the hot men in little shorts” thats why I watch football!! in my case also to make fun of their hair

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