Springfield is Gaga

I don’t watch the Simpsons any more. I catch the odd episode here and there, but I don’t go out of my way to watch it. I have the seasons I like on DVD, and that’s enough for me. I don’t need my memories tarnished any further. But when Lady Gaga is in an episode, I just have to. I HAVE to.

Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t have. I mean, I did laugh several times, certainly more than I can remember laughing at a Simpsons episode for a LONG time, but even so, it didn’t feel like it was the Simpsons, it was just a twenty-odd minute advert for how amazing Gaga is. I know full well how amazing she is, thank you.

But if you watch expecting a piece of Gaga-propaganda, it’s actually quite entertaining. She seems to have zero problem taking the piss out of herself and the image she’s cultivated over the last few years. The costume changes, the ordering her army of fans to do her bidding, she even has a Gaga Train that is just all kinds of fabulous. My favourites include, but are not limited to her flying dress made of tiny birds (as seen above), her flame throwing bra, and her Russian-doll style collection of intersecting, ever growing high heels.

It gets less awesome when the other characters (or at least the writers) seem to worship her a little too much. At one point, Flanders has a go at her for getting her clothes off to much, and it ends with her actually being directly compared to Jesus. I love Gaga as much as the next bum lord, but even I think that’s going a bit far.

The storyline is based around Lisa’s lack of self-confidence, which Gaga starts receiving visions of, thus stopping her Gaga Express in Springfield. She sorts out most of Springfield with a brand new song she wrote specifically for the episode (apparently titled “Little Monsters”) but Lisa needs more convincing. As it turns out, Gaga seems to be a bit rubbish at pep talks, causing Lisa to give an epic verbal smackdown, where she actually raises some fairly valid points about Mother Monster. All of that is promptly undone, by Lisa’s realisation that she wasn’t really angry at Gaga, and was just venting. Le sigh. Any chance of actually giving some kind of message is thus squashed and Gag-face and Lisa have a sing song.

I hate how the Simpsons just doesn’t feel like the Simpsons any more. The voice actors sound like they just don’t care, the animation is completely soulless, and all the jokes are lazy puns based on popular culture, rather than the amazing satire they used to be. But Gaga actually fits in so well, probably because she is basically a cartoon, that I would actually start watching again if they made her a regular. As a Gaga cartoon guest starring the Simpsons, this is brilliant. As an episode of the Simpsons… frankly, I don’t think it even counts. Plus, there’s a lesbian kiss between Gaga and Marge that just feels tacky and attention-seeking. Boo.


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