Films and That: Beauty and the Beast 3D

I like this new trend of re-releasing classic films in 3D. Not so much for the 3D, it’s just that I get to see all my favourite films on the big screen for the first time. Which may sound odd, but to be fair this film was released the first time when I was 2.

Anyway, this is totally one of my favourite movies. I’m not evenly vaguely ashamed. I am of the firm opinion that just because something is animated does not make it bad. A cartoon can be just as good as anything live action, and this film pretty much confirms that all by itself.

Everything about this film is perfection. The characters, the songs, the jokes, the animation, the pacing, just…. everything. I think it’s the only film I’ve ever seen that really just feels like a West End musical. And I do love me a big old-fashioned musical.

Whatevs, we all know this film is balls-out fantastic, what you really want to know is if it’s worth seeing in 3D. Meh. It’s good 3D and everything and only gets that weird eye-spasming quality very occasionally. But it’s not anything special and not vital to the telling of the story. The main draw-in feature is seeing it on the big screen. This is a film that just WORKS at the cinema in a way it just doesn’t on a TV screen. So basically if you’re a huge fan of the film, go see it, or if you’ve never seen it before, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, RETHINK YOUR LIFE AND GO SEE THIS FILM RIGHT NOW.

Oh, it also comes with a short film at the start, a mini-sequel of “Tangled”, entitled “Tangled Ever After” that features the wedding of Rapunzel and Eugene. Fortunately, it doesn’t focus on the wedding at all, and instead follows Maximus the horse and Pascal the chameleon (aka two of the best comedy talking animals Disney has ever seen) chasing the two lost wedding rings around town causing chaos and destruction. I LOLed about twelve times in the three minutes it was on for, I loved it.

Yes, the re-release is fairly pointless, and if you have to pay a tenner for it, I wouldn’t recommend. But I have an Unlimited card, so I got an awesome short plus one of my favourite films on the big screen for free. Plus, when I went I had the whole cinema to myself, which I thoroughly recommend. It’s awesome, you feel like a king.


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