US Autumn Preview 2012: CBS

CBS is not a subtle channel. All their dramas are by-the-book police procedurals (The CSI franchise, Criminal Minds, NCIS etc) and all their comedies are broad, multi-camera, studio-audienced old fashioned deals (Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly, How I Met Your Mother etc). Do NOT go expecting anything revolutionary and ground breaking from them, because it is so not that type of channel.

Renewals: Every thing I mentioned above is safe, along with stuff like “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Good Wife”, “Hawaii 5-0”, “The Mentalist”. If you’re looking for surprises or shocks, this is not the channel to go to.

Cancellations: Not much, a few of the new things last year, like the ironically named “Unforgettable”, the onyl ong runner to get axed was CSI: Miami, whereas, CSI: NY was saved. Not the way round I was expecting but I don’t see either one being around this time next year, so it’s all a much of a muchness.


Oh dear. Just… oh dear. CBS decided they wanted to do an America version of “Sherlock”. The BBC politely declined. They decided to do it anyway. This is the result. Any hope that it might have even an iota of the charm and originality of our version goes right out the window with the trailer above. Sherlock is a watered down version of himself, and bless Jonny Lee Miller for trying, but he’s no Benedict Cumberbatch. Not even a little bit. They’ve changed Watson into a woman, which I have no problem with particularly when it’s one as talented as Lucy Liu, but at one point in the trailer she gasps and flinches away from a dead body. Both sexist and ENTIRELY wrong for the character. If Sherlock wasn’t around it might stand a chance, but as it is this is entirely pointless.

Made in Jersey

A mash-up of a bland lawyer show and “Jersey Shore”, this is basically an attempt for them to be all “LOOK, WORKING CLASS PEOPLE CAN BE CLEVER, ISN’T THAT WEIRD?!” and patronise the fuck out of the lead. Yawn.


Apparently gay is the new black, since this is the second homo-themed sitcom launching this year, along with NBC’s far superior looking “The New Normal”. This one is based on the lives of the Will & Grace creators, as two best friends, both male, one gay one straight, try to keep their relationships going. It looks dreadful, but I hope it does well if only for the great cast it has, including Ugly Betty’s Michael Urie, One Tree Hill’s Sophia Bush, but mainly the ridiculously handsome Brandon Routh, who played Superman in Superman Returns. I forgot how much I fancy him, but good GOD I so do. The show looks shit though.


After the ill-fated attempts last year of “Pan-Am” and “The Playboy Club” to capture the throwback magic of “Mad Men”, this year it’s this, something about the past world of cowboys starting to turn into the modern world of gambling and strippers. Easily the best of the bunch here, but that’s damning with faint praise. Amazing cast (including Michael Chiklis, Jason O’Hara and DILF Dennis Quaid) so they must have been convinced by something. Fingers crossed for this one.


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