US Autumn Preview 2012: ABC

ABC have a tendency to either go one way or the other with their new programming. Either they can get it amazingly right, like with classics like Desperate Housewives or Lost or more recent fantasticness like Modern Family or Happy Endings, or they can get completely and monumentally wrong, like with their cross-dressing, sexist, homophobic, transphobic mess that was “Work It!”. This year is no different…

Renewals: Modern Family, Happy Endings, Once Upon a Time, The Middle, plus stuff I don’t watch and therefore don’t care about, like Grey’s Anatomy, Revenge and Castle.

Cancellations: My beloved Cougar Town has technically been axed, but has actually just been shifted to another channel (TBS), whilst Desperate Housewives came to a close a couple of years to late to be remembered fondly.

New Shows

How To Live With Your Parents

A sitcom starring Scrubs star Sarah Chalke, who after a messy divorce has to take her young daughter and move back in with her sex-mad mum and clueless, frequently naked stepdad. Looks quite funny, but they probably need to work harder on actually making the characters likeable.

666 Park Avenue

A young couple move into a fabulous apartment building, and then, from what I can gather from the video preview, it turns out it’s Hell. Or run by the Devil. Or something. Whatever, it looks like stylish, campy nonsense, which always sits well with me, plus the Devil (or something) and his wife (or She-Devil, I dunno) are being played by Terry O’Quinn (Locke from Lost) and Vanessa Williams (off of Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives) both of whom are amazingness in human form, I love them both utterly.

The Family Tools

For some reason, the Americans have decided to remake another British show, and even more bizarrely, they decided to do “White Van Man”, a recently cancelled BBC3 sitcom starring Will Mellor from 2 Pints. Shrug. Anyway, this looks meh, but I’ve seen worse do better, so who knows.


Starring Connie Britton (from Friday Night Lights) and Hayden Panettiere (Claire the cheerleader from Heroes) star as two warring country singers, the former a fading star trying to cling onto both her career and her family, the latter her new-wave Uber-bitch, obviously based on Taylor Swift. I really like the look of this.

The Neighbors

So, all of the previews so far have been pretty good, right? So why on Earth did I bring up the hideous Work It at the beginning of the article? This. This is why. A sitcom where a family moves next door to a community of aliens. Srsly. That’s the synopsis of a Nickelodeon sitcom circa 1994, not a primetime show in 2012. BAD ABC, BAD.


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