US Autumn Preview 2012: Fox

Fox have really made it difficult for me this year. What with all their programmes actually doing quite well, they’ve renewed most of it, and left with me with nothing to preview. Stupid successful bastards.

Renewals: Like I said, loads. All the big animated stuff (American Dad, Family Guy, Bob’s Burgers) plus stuff like New Girl, Raising Hope, Bones. My beloved Fringe was picked up for one last series, Glee is going to be splitting it’s time between McKinley High and following Rachel and Kurt in New York (although CLEARLY they should have just been given a spin-off), whilst The X Factor has dropped Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul as judges and replaced them with Britney Spears and Demi Lovato. Amazing.

Cancellations: Not a huge amount. House came to it’s natural conclusion, and the two big “NEW LOST”s, Alcatraz and Terra Nova, didn’t even make it out of their first years. The execrable Cleveland Show’s future is all a bit up in the air at the moment too.

New Shows

The Mob Doctor

Another crime thing, it’s about a lady doctor (A WOMAN DOCTOR?!) who helps both the police and the mob, and there’s some corruption going on or something, I dunno. But it looks like it might have a bit of sense of humour so at least there’s that.

Ben & Kate

Why does every single sitcom ever have to cast women as uptight, sensible fun killers, along side a creepy, “wacky”, immature man-child? It’s insulting to both sexes and they need to stop it. Anyway, this is about  a woman who hires her immature brother to be her manny, but the guy playing the brother is not good at the whole “charmingly immature” thing, and just comes across as a weirdo who’d try to lick you on the bus.

The Following

Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy do a whole Clarice/Hannibal thing, with latter playing a psycho who’s decided to reignite his old murdering campaign from 8 years ago, and the former being the only one who can stop him. The cast is good (it also includes Maggie Grace who played Shannon in Lost, and Shawn Ashmore who was Iceman in the X-Men films) but I’m not sure how the premise will hold up for a whole series. Seems like the sort of thing that would be better as a movie, but you never know.

The Goodwin Games

Three deadbeats compete for their recently dead dad’s millions of dollars. Amazing. Good cast too, but like so many US sitcoms before it, this needs to not get bogged down in sappy over-sentimentality.

The Mindy Project

Basically, “RomCom: The TV show”, this could be really good, if it gets funnier. There aren’t a huge amount of laughs to be had in the trailer (except for the drunken accusation of “RACIST!”) but lots of pilots aren’t particularly funny, but get better as they go along. Hopefully it just needs to find it’s feet.


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