US Autumn Preview 2012: NBC

Yeah, I’m going to report on all the American upfronts again. I enjoyed it last year, so whatever. Anyway, I’ve never understood why NBC is doing the worst of all the networks, ratings-wise, considering that it has the some of the best shows on TV. Doesn’t seem fair.

Renewals: All my faves got renewed, including 30 Rock (apparently for a final season, which is probably for the best), Community (also apparently for a final season, and it’s been moved to the Friday night death slot which SUCKS BALLS), Parks & Recreation, Smash, Up All Night, plus really popular stuff like The Office or their version of The Voice, starring famed bitch Christina Aguilera.

Cancellations: You won’t have heard of any of the things cancelled, since they were pretty much all in the first year, but some notable casualties include cult favourite Chuck, and beloved-by-old-people-but-noone-who-mattered Harry’s Law, starring Kathy Bates.

New Shows


The annual “NEW LOST”, this goes into a future where electricity disappeared one day, and everything devolved into a Jurassic Park/Wild West mash up. Looks pretty cool, and it helps that it’s a JJ Abrams thing, who is very awesome (plus with fewer lights around he’ll have less chance to use the buggering lens flare effect), but as ever with these things, it’ll only work out if the mystery is good, and if the characters are likeable. History is not in it’s favour, but fingers crossed

Go On

Poor Matthew Perry. Easily the least successful of the Friends gang, he just can’t seem to catch a break. So, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for this, a new sitcom where his characters tries to get over the death of his wife in a therapy group  filled with wacky misfits. As long as it doesn’t get bogged down in being too serious and overly sentimental, always the Achilles heel of something like Scrubs, this could be really good.

Animal Practice

Comedy vets! I think this one might slip a little too far in “LOLZ SO WACKY!!!1!!” for my tastes, but I’ve got to admit that the sight of a monkey doctor on a tiny little ambulance made me laugh. The monkey in question plays Annie’s Boobs in Community too, so that’s nice.

The New Normal

The new sitcom from Glee creator Ryan Murphy, it’s about a gay couple having a baby with a surrogate. It looks good, doesn’t seem to be too obsessed with making anti-gay jokes, no more than say Will & Grace were anyway, and it all seems very sweet. Plus, the ridiculously fabulous NeNe Leakes from Glee is a supporting character, and she really is amazing.

Chicago Fire

Yawn. Your basic cop show, except with firefighters instead of police. Boring. The only reason I’m including it here is because of ALL THE FIT MEN IN FIREMAN OUTFITS, YUM. Plus, one of them is the guy who used to play Billy Kennedy in Neighbours and I was in love with him for most of the nineties. The show will be crap though. Can’t stress that enough.


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