Thursday Treat #18: The Hunger Games UPDATED

If you didn’t know, I’m well into the Hunger Games now, as I proved in my review of the movie I posted yesterday. I also pointed out how there are a couple of hot dudes in it, and it’d be a shame not to prove that with some shirtless shots, wouldn’t it? Although I think my obsession with these books needs to cool down a bit, it seems like it’s all I gone on about recently.

So the main two guys are Gale, played by Liam Hemsworth, and Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson. The former is VERY pretty, almost unbelievable as a starving peasant when he looks like an underwear model, whereas the latter is (whilst still extremely attractive) more of a draw for how sweet, romantic and vulnerable his character is. I mean people being emotional normally turns me to stone, I’m actually allergic to sincerity, but I ACTUAL LOVE HIM. Bizarre.

Josh Hutcherson

Liam Hemsworth

UPDATE: OK, since publishing I have been requested by several of my friends to include Lenny Kravitz. I really was going to, since it’s common knowledge that him be fiiiiiiine, but I decided to just focus on the two actors generally considered to be the “stars”. This was insensitive to those of you who wished to see a hot man naked. I apologise unreservedly.


I also received a request for Stanley Tucci, but that’s only because my mate Jane has a weird fetish for bald old men. It’s best not to humour her, it only encourages it.


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