Films and That: American Reunion

I’ve always thought that whilst everyone bangs on about The Inbetweeners was the first comedy to really show how embarrassing and rubbish being a horny teenage boy is, actually American Pie was doing it about 10 years before. Yes, it was never the most sophisticated of franchises, and once the main cast left and it went to DVD, it was basically rubbish teenage actors (one of them featured Ruby Allen from EastEnders with an American accent, FFS) talking about dicks and pussies and the like, and Eugene Levy cashing his cheques. So, a big screen outing, with all the original cast should be a return to amazing, right?

Wrong. Considering that some major points of the film are that you can’t recapture your youth or your glory days, it’s amazing how the screenwriters have completely ignored that that’s what they’re trying to do. There’s nothing shocking or disgusting or even particularly embarrassing on show here. Yes, Jason Biggs gets naked really quite a lot, to the point where you actually see his penis at one point (not bad, btw), but there’s no edge or originality any more. It all just feels a bit sad.

I couldn’t even pick out any of the actors as particularly amazing. Jason Biggs carries on doing his nervous Jew schtick (although I still find it hard to believe he’s anything other than 18, dude must have a really old picture in an attic somewhere), Seann William Scott does absolutely nothing new with Stifler (which is a shame because I really used to fancy him before he got all… meathead-ish), whilst the other three are so anonymous, I can’t even be bothered to go to Wikipedia to look up their names. I just don’t care even a little bit.

And I don’t want to come off as a big ol’ feminist, but it’s happening so suck it. The women have NOTHING to do. All the male boring characters are the centre of the film, whilst any even vaguely interesting women gets about three lines, it’s bull shit. Alyson Hannigan was basically the best thing about the first two films, but here she gets nothing to do except whine and look sad while Jim and the boys go off and have funny and wacky adventures. SHE WAS WILLOW ROSENBERG FFS, HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR HOW AWESOME SHE IS. Tara Reid isn’t the train-wreck you’d think she’d be, and there are some LOLs to be had as her character claims to be all moral and a nice person (srsly, LOL) and for those wanting some girl nudity, there’s Cerie from 30 Rock very rarely wearing anything, and a some girl who gets her tits out a lot. They’re nice, if you like that sort of thing.

Eugene Levy and Jennifer Coolidge return as Jim’s Dad and Stifler’s Mom respectively, but neither gets a huge amount to do except prove how awesome they are, and both need better agents so they don’t appear in crap like Epic Movie (I mean, REALLY?!)

Ultimately, it’s just not a very funny film. It’s sad, and there is a certain amount of nostalgic charm to be found, but I think I laughed about twice and yet checked Facebook on my phone about five times. If you enjoyed the first three, it’s worth a watch, but wait until it’s being repeated on ITV2 in five years time. It’s not worth paying money for.


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