Thursday Treat #16: Jamie Dornan

I blogged about “Once Upon a Time” the other week, since it’s just started on Channel 5. I thoroughly recommend you watch it, not just because it’s enjoyably stupid, but also because this tall drink of water stars in it. Yummers.

I would just like you to know, I have never used the phrase “tall drink of water” to describe a man before, and I do not plan to again. It’s a lot more “horny menopausal woman” than I thought it would be.

Anyway, Jamie Dornan plays Sheriff Graham in the show, and, inexplicably for a small town sheriff in Maine, has a Northern Irish accent. Previously he was best known for dating Keira Knightly for a bit (don’t hold that against him though) and for taking his clothes off to model Calvin Klein underwear. God bless you, Calvin Klein.


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One Response to Thursday Treat #16: Jamie Dornan

  1. He’s hot, isn’t he? Too bad he died too early in the series.

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