Thursday Treat #15: Zac Efron

So I had this week’s Thursday Treat all planned out, and then during the week, Zac Efron decided to naked in public. SO INCONSIDERATE, ZACHERY. Thusly, my plans were changed entirely, Zac gets his own Thursday Treat, and I worry that with my last three posts being about Zac Efron, Demi Lovato and One Direction, that I might be going a bit too tween-y with my posts. Oh dear.

Anyway, so at the mo, Zac Efron is in Australia (as are One Direction, who are also taking their clothes off, just a week after I struggled to fill a Thursday Treat. Fuckers), promoting his new shit heap of a movie (srsly, I saw the trailer t’other day, it looks dreadful) when he decided to wander onto his hotel balcony shirtless, and with his hand stuck down his pants, and someone took a photo of him! What are the chances!

Then, later on, he wandered out in his pants to have some breakfast, and someone photographed him again! What are the chances!

Then things start getting murky. There’s also a shot of him with no pants on from behind, which seems to look like him, and to me doesn’t look photoshopped, so yay to that. The question is how and why he took his pants off without his peen being caught on camera too. Seem legit to you? Maybe…

THEN, said picture of Zac naked popped up a couple of days later, which you can find here but Twitter quickly discovered the original image, which you can see here, so it seems that that one at least is a fake. Anyway, Zac quickly ruined everyone’s fun by ordering more towels from room service.



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