Thursday Treat #14: One Direction

Am I just trolling for blog hits? In a word, yes. So sue me.

So, I realised I hadn’t done a Thursday Treat since last December, which is just silly. And whilst I was racking my brain to decide who to have as my first one back, my “X Factor Treat” from last year was piling on the hits due to people googling “One Direction shirtless 2012” and the like. And who am I to deny the people what they want?

Harry Styles

Liam Payne

Zayn Malik

Louis Tomlinson

Niall Horan

Sigh. I’m such a sell out. And if 1D could get their clothes off for a photoshoot at some point, that’d be great, since it was an absolute sod finding any topless pictures that were in any way decent. You can barely see Niall! (Although some would say this is a good thing)


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