Television and That Awards 2011

Yeah, I wanted this to be before 2011 actually finished, but my laptop broke, so it’s a week late. Boo. Still, always nice to vote on things, isn’t it?

So, you can vote for your favourites from the best of TV and music from the past 12 months. Generally, the nominations have been made by me, so you can pick you favourite of 5, although the X Factor contestants nominated are just the ones that finished in the Top 5. If I’d picked them, there would be considerably more 2 Shoes.














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2007 Brit Award nominee for Best International Female
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3 Responses to Television and That Awards 2011

  1. Jonfen Claxton says:

    Wooo! Loved this! Although I am outraged that there was not a nomination for Modern Family! What is your life coming to??!!?

    • rmdbutler says:

      I know, but I decided to give Happy Endings a nomination instead. Modern Family get enough awards. Glad you enjoyed the rest of it though!

      • Jonfen Claxton says:

        Happy Endings sounds like a porn film, although I’m sure it’s not!
        Although had there been a category for Best Boobs, then I’m sure Sofia Vergara would have had a nomination, so all is well, even though it didn’t happen.

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