Christmas TV: Because otherwise you’d have to talk to your family

Christmas telly is always the best telly of the year. FACT. Thusly, I shall now do a quick post pointing out all the best shows/films out over the next couple of days.

I should point out that I’ll only be previewing stuff on the terrestrial channels. Other wise I’d be here until New Years.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (Christmas Eve, 12pm, Channel 4)

Easily the best Christmas film of all time. OF ALL TIME, Y’ALL. Even thinking about the film automatically lodges “There Goes Mr Humbug” in my head for the rest of the day. And I’m fine with that.

Outnumbered (Christmas Eve, 9:20pm, BBC1)

Admittedly, Outnumbered should probably have finished by now, what with Karen not being cute any more, but it’s still good for quite a few laughs. More so than most sitcoms on TV at the moment anyway.

Bill Bailey: Dandelion Mind (Christmas Eve, 10:55pm, Channel 4)

Bill Bailey’s very funny. Duh.

Aladdin (Christmas Day, 1:15pm, ITV1)

Actual Aladdin! No, it’s not as good as Beauty and the Beast, but it’s still fucking amazing. I can’t believe more classic Disney films aren’t shown at Christmas. Every year it seems like Alice in Wonderland is the only one they have.

Top of the Pops (Christmas Day, 2:00pm, BBC1)

Top of the Pops should totally be a weekly thing again. Except not against Corrie, and not with either Reggie or Fearne presenting. Yeurch. Amazingness is promised from Will Young and Little Mix, horrendousness is promised from Olly “Fucking” Murs and Pixie “No1Curr” Lott. Jessie J and the Wanted could go either way, let’s be honest.

Doctor Who (Christmas Day, 7:00pm, BBC1)


Strictly Come Dancing (Christmas Day, 8:00pm, BBC1)

Last year, Christmas Strictly broke with tradition to get stars who couldn’t commit to a whole series, Vince Cable, John Barrowman, etc. This year, they have Su Pollard and Simon Webbe from Blue. Yeah, I don’t get it either.

Downton Abbey (Christmas Day, 9:00pm, ITV1)

Series 2 may have descended into camp silliness slightly too often (like the burns victim from Canada, or Edith’s pointless affair with that farmer) but apparently this is back up there with the best from Series 1. Awesome.

Absolutely Fabulous (Christmas Day, 10:00pm, BBC1)

I’m worried this might be a bit rubbish, like it was in it’s last series a few years back, but sod it. It’s Ab Fab.

The Borrowers (Boxing Day, 7:30pm, BBC1)

When I was little I had the old TV series (starring Ian Holm and Penelope Wilton) on tape. I almost wore it out I watched it so much. This modern adaptation starring Christopher Eccleston, Sharon Horgan (from Pulling), Stephen Fry, Victoria Wood and Robert Sheeran (from Misfits) is therefore the show I’m looking forward to most. I’m REALLY looking forward to it. And let us not speak of the god-awful John Goodman film.

Big Fat Quiz of the Year (Tuesday 27th, 9:00pm, Channel 4)

Nothing will ever come close to Claudia Winkleman describing her sex fantasies of Jon Snow from Channel 4 News, but this year Miranda Hart, David Mitchell and Eddie Izzard will be attempting to offset the awfulness of Jonathan Ross and Jamie Oliver.


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