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Christmas TV: Because otherwise you’d have to talk to your family

Christmas telly is always the best telly of the year. FACT. Thusly, I shall now do a quick post pointing out all the best shows/films out over the next couple of days. Advertisements

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Thursday Treat #13: Harry Judd

The Strictly Come Dancing final is on Saturday, which is nice, and Harry Judd will totally win. Plus, he might get his top off at some point. Awesome.

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Misha should have won and we ALL know it

So another year, another series of the X Factor. I know a lot of people have been complaining how this year wasn’t as good as last year, but I call that bollocks.

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No matter what happens, Little Mix >>>>>>> Matt Cardle

Little Mix have won! Hooray! They’re now lumped with “Cannonball” as a debut single. Booray. Still, I’m expecting awesome things from their next single. Something on-par with “All Fired Up” please, thanks.

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An X Factor Treat

Pretty much my most popular posts have been my Thursday Treats, I assume because everyone is as big a perv as me. WELL DONE EVERYONE.

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Mixing it up a Little

Television and That is back! Rejoice! Rejoice, one and all!

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