Thursday Treat #12: Wimbledon Special

You know what annoys me? That I don’t name my Thursday Treats anything. Since this week, it’s a Wimbledon special and I totally would have called it “New Balls Please”. Sigh. Such a missed opportunity.

Anyway, first up, Novak Djokovic, current world number two, who is seriously far too much attractive for one person.

Next, Rafael Nadal. Now, I know his face is a bit too… pointy, but his body? Hells yes. Plus, a bit of Photoshopping never hurt anyone. Those is be some mega-gay jeans though.

And finally, the surprisingly hot Andy Murray. Again, best to picture him either with a paper bag over his head, or shit ton of smoothing out, but neck down, v nice.


About rmdbutler

2007 Brit Award nominee for Best International Female
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