I hate Sky. They take everything good from America and plonk it on some buttfuck nowhere channel, which nobody gets and then I can’t talk about my new favourite shows with anyone because nobody watches them. It happened with Lost, it’s happening with Game of Thrones and it’ll happen with Glee too, you mark my words.

Hence, I have decided to do a blog encouraging everyone to get into the aformentioned Game of Thrones. Cos it’s very good, even if it is on Sky Atlantic.

The basic premise is lots of political machinations and power grabbing ala House of Cards or The Sopranos, set in the fantasy world of Lord of the Rings. And, since it’s from HBO, lots of sex, violence and swearing. LOTS of it. So many breasts… *shudder*. If you’re wondering about the title of this post, “sexposition” is an amazing portmanteau, referring to the show’s tendency to have any boring conversations explaining plot or backstory included in the same scene as lots of sex. Seriously. Happens a shockingly large amount.

Anyway, the show follows roughly three stories (with various sub-plots and whatnot): the bitching and backstabbing in King’s Landing (the country’s capital), training and mysteries with an army of sorts in the very snowy north as a group of convicts and outcasts try to keep out whatever is beyond The Wall, and the preperations of a pair of de-throned royalty, trying to recapture their crown.

At first, it’s best to have the Wikipedia list of characters on hand, or you are going to be royally lost. Fortunately, the first two or three episodes do nothing much except get all of the many characters set up before all the epicness can be unleashed in the second half of the season. And unleashed it is. When it first started, I was finding myself recommending it to people despite the fact I wasn’t enjoying it that much. It was very perplexing. I can now confidently say, that I must be Nostradamus or something, because it totally turns out amazing.

What’s really good about it, is that it doesn’t follow the rules of normal TV, especially fantasy/sc-fi stuff, in that it doesn’t have big story arcs with a Big Bad for a season, and then resolve them in the season finale. Things just carry on. Having just watched the last of Season 1, I can confidently say, absolutely shit all is wrapped up. Everything just sort of carries on. Although it should be pointed out, a fuck off good cliffhanger is also put in.

There are some brilliant actors in it too with Sean Bean (LOTR, GoldenEye), Mark Addy (The Full Monty), Lena Headey (The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and Aiden Gillen (Queer as Folk, The Wire), plus some fantastic young actors, my favourite of whom would be Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys, who is incredible. It should also be pointed out that getting attached to a character in this show is a bad idea. It is an unstoppably brutal show and when I say that nobody is safe from getting the axe, I mean literally NO-ONE.

So to conclude, lots of great acting, writing and directing smothered in nakedness, very gory fight scenes, so much swearing people actually say cunt no problem, plus a bit of sexy incest. What’s not to like?


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