Thursday Treat #10: X-Men First Class

I saw X Men: First Class yesterday and it’s jolly good. It’s also fully of jolly attractive men, so I thought I’d do a little post for them. And it isn’t cheating cos I know for a fact some of them had high-profile TV careers. Oh, and if you’re into ladies, then go to see it for January Jones. Bitch can’t act for shit, but she is very easy on the eyes.

First up, James McAvoy who plays Professor X, but totally has hair in it, which is good. Not many people can pull off the bald look as well as Patrick Stewart.

Next, Michael Fassbender who plays Magneto. I know, a guy playing a young Ian McKellen with the word “bender” in his last name. Sometimes, these things are just too easy…

I, admittedly, was struggling to decide if I fancy him or not, and then he wears a tight white t-shirt in the movie. And my mind was made up.

Lucas Till plays Havoc, who is supposed to be Cyclops’ little brother. Cyclops is about 25 in the 2000’s whilst Havoc is in his late teens in 1963. Yeah, continuity with the last trilogy and the comics wasn’t this films main concern.

And finally, Nicholas Hoult off of Skins and About a Boy plays Beast (SPOILER: the big blue hairy one). It is extremely off-putting hearing him with an American accent.


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