The Greendale Human Beings

Last time I recommended a show, it was a rather popular post, and I know for a fact it made someone start watching Fringe. So guess what? I’m doing it again. Boom. It’s your own fault for listening to my advice (which you should totally do. I recommend awesome shows).

Now, the reason Community hasn’t been watched by, like, anyone is that it’s on NBC in the States (which no one watches, except when crappy reality shows are on) and Viva in the UK (which no one watches at all. Even 4Music is better). But it is amazing. Truly. I saw the adverts when it started over here and was put off since it looked like the vehicle of Chevy Chase, a washed up comedian from the 80’s. And if Eddie Murphy has taught me anything, it’s that washed up 80’s comedians are not normally a good thing (and fat suits are not always hilarious).

As it turns out, he is a relatively minor member of the main gang, basically there to be obnoxious and make vaguely endearing racist remarks (sample: “Why do Jews wear Kippah’s? Half a hat, half the cost”). The plot follows a group of misfits in a study group in a crappy community college, including Jeff, a soulless lawyer (who is quite fit), Britta (his will-they-won’t-they feminist friend), Shirley (a sweet but slightly bigoted sassy black lady), Annie (the Jewish, smart girl who dropped out of school due to an accidental addiction to pills) and Troy (a vaguely dim jock who is slowly converted to geekdom).

But the real star of the show would be Abed, a pop-culture obsessed nerd, who seems to have Asperger’s and constantly relates everything to films or TV, including pointing out the flaws in the show’s characters and storylines. Basically, a cross between Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and Moss from the IT Crowd, with a big slab of awesome thrown in.

The storylines are equally epic and stupid, including trying to design a sexless, raceless, featureless, completely PC college mascot (The Greendale Human Being), an intense Rocky-esque debate against a handicapped guy, a naked pool game, a Perfect Storm spoof set in a car park, and best of all, an Apocalypse Now style paintball game that actually manages to best the one from Spaced. That’s how good it is.

Plus, guest stars including Jack Black (who is out of place and a bit rubbish) and Betty White (who is awesome. Globviously.) and musical numbers such as an amazing Irish folk band version of “Somewhere Out There” from An American Tail that is now on my iPod.

Seriously, download this, or find it on Viva now. You will not regret it.


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2 Responses to The Greendale Human Beings

  1. dan says:

    it is a great show

    although NBC isnt all bad they have 30 rock and SNL as well, I hardly even remember jack black being on it, says something about how good he was I guess

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