Moronic Sacrifice

OK, I think it’s important that I go over the first 85 mins of this two parter before I get to that insanely good cliffhanger. Oh my God though! *Breathes calmly*

Right, so the other bits. Meh. It wasn’t actively bad, like “The Curse of the Black Pearl”, I mean, Spot, but it was just a bit…. meh.

The premise of it is amazing. The implications and thought processes that would go in that situation are so interesting, and was done so well with Amy and the Doctors. I was frankly surprised at Amy’s reaction towards the Doctor’s “ganger” (although I sort of knew that they’d swapped, except when the Doctor attacked Amy. Uncool, dude.) and LOVED when she accepted him at the end.

As for the other characters, well there weren’t many, and the ones that were around didn’t really do much. The sneezing dude, I have literally no idea what the point of him was. I thought maybe the sneezing might have something to do with something, but no. Pointless. Same with him off of Ashes to Ashes. Seems like he was literally just there to die. I liked the Scottish dude though. I know his enitre character can be summed up with “has a son” but it was actually quite touching.

As for the other two, why was Jennifer’s ganger just a cow? Was that explained? Sarah Smart was amazing, obviously, but FYI to the makers? CGI is never scary. Never. Particularly at the end when they decided to channel “The Lazarus Experiment”. If you’re going to copy a special effect, why that one?!

I liked Cleaves too. Sort of felt like her character had gotten mixed up with Jennifer’s between episode one and two, but there must have been a reason she went all nice, that I just missed right? Answers on a postcard. Still, Racquel Cassidy was also tremendous (A word I just realised I don’t use enough in life) and I liked the fact that at least there were two gangers that got on with each other.

As for the regulars, I enjoyed the two Doctors (oh, I would enjoy them so hard….) and as I said, Amy’s reactions to them were probably the best part of the episode (before the obvious). Plus, Rory got to be the caring, sympathetic nurse, that, you know, he’s supposed to be. And he didn’t die! Huzzah!

The title, BTW, refers to the end sequence of “heroic” sacrifices. First sneezing dude shut the door from the wring side, despite having PLENTY of time to shut it from the other side. It reminded me of Charlie from Lost. Then both Ganger!Cleaves and the Ganger!Doctor decided to stay behind to keep the door shut. Maybe just leg it to the TARDIS? She probs wouldn’t reach you in time. Or, you know, one of you leave. Didn’t need you both. Just saying.

But, unlike the ridick cop-out ending of the Silurian story last year, the ending itself actually had a resolution. Cleaves and Sneezy are hopefully going to do something about the Flesh situation rather than just putting it to sleep for 1000 years and hoping for the best.

Now, the cliffhanger. Holy fuckbags. Amazing. I’m, frankly, struggling to get my thoughts about it coherent. How long has she been a Ganger for? I would assume however long she’s had that shirt on, so at least the first two parter. Did the Silence do it to her when they had her kidnapped? They can’t of, because she saw the midwife BEFORE they kidnapped her. So did the Doctor do it? Why? When? Why didn’t Rory know? How didn’t Rory know? Why did she have to be Flesh? What’s wrong with Amy’s baby? How do the Cybermen come into it all? Who the fuck is that eyepatch lady (I’m going to assume she is the midwife) and how does she know the Doctor? Does she know the Doctor at all? If Amy was kidnapped, and the midwife is a baddie, then why hasn’t the Doctor gone after her before, rather than pissing about on pirate ships? And how did Ganger!Doctor, know that she had to push? Oh my God. Seriously, next week’s episode is going to be FUCKING EPIC.


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