U.S. Autumn Preview: The CW

The poor old CW. The American equivalent of Channel 5. It tries so hard, but people still don’t care.


A surprisingly large ratio of hits in the UK, compared the other channels, 90210, Gossip Girl, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries have all been renewed, along with the bajillionth series of One Tree Hill, confirmed to be it’s last. Finally.


A couple of things, Smallville was able to finally come to end, rather than being cancelled, whilst the new series Hellcats couldn’t manage it’s first renewal. Oh dear.

New Shows

Hart of Dixie – FISH OUT OF WATER ALERT. Yes, this takes many, many cliches and combines them all together to make a show, but Rachel Bilson is very likeable, and the dude who runs it is also behind the OC and Gossip Girl. I reckon it’ll get a few seasons and then’ll be the type of thing you find on E4 and get hooked to even though you’re not supposed to a la the Gilmore Girls.


The Secret Circle – The obligitory “mystical” offering from the CW, it seems to be a mystery involving witches. Nothing in the trailer seems to suggest anything worth watching, and unless they can get a decent hook to it, I can see this being a casualty.


Ringer – Now this is the one I’m looking forward to. The synopsis itself is fairly interesting, a woman on the run takes on the identity of her identical twin sister, with lots of thriller, film-noir-ish stuff going on. The big draw? Sarah Michelle Gellar, aka Dame Buffy of Summers herself, is taking the lead role. Aww yeah!


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One Response to U.S. Autumn Preview: The CW

  1. dan says:

    no love for Nikita? it was possibly the best new show this year and renewed for a second series

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