U.S. Autumn Preview: CBS

If you didn’t know (and if you’re English, then let’s face it, why would you?) CBS is currently the channel to beat over in the States. So with so much success going on, they’re the ones that are basically keeping with their tried and tested programmes, leaving little room for newbies. Does that mean the quality is much higher for the few that got in?

Short answer: no, but I’ll get to that in a minute.


Like I said, loads. All of the hundred CSI spin-offs, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist and NCIS made it to next season safely, but the most interesting renewal is that of the execrable Two and a Half Men. Currently, and inexplicably, one of the biggest shows in America, CBS weren’t about to let it go just because Charlie Sheen went fucking batshit now were they? Hence, Ashton Kutcher (yes, that Ashton Kutcher) is being brought into replace him. Christ alone knows what’s going to happen but it’ll be worth a watch just to see.


Nothing to paricularly affect British viewers, the highest profile casualties being the pointless Criminal Minds spin-off starring Forrest Whittaker and William Shatner’s sitcom based on a Twitter feed.

New Shows

2 Broke Girls – One’s a spoiled heiress! One’s a sarcastic hard-working girl from the streets! Both are white! Hilarity ensues! Or, as it turns out, maybe not. Some of the lines in the preview aren’t bad, and at least one of the leads has comic timing, but it doesn’t look great. Studio audiences are normally a sign of something stuck twenty years in the past and this doesn’t do anything to shake that reputation.


Unforgettable – If the list of renewed shows above tells you anything, it’s that CBS loves them a good cop show. Or just a cop show. Anyhoo as with most pilots they green-light this can use the template “BLANK… who solves crimes!”. In this case “Someone with total recall… who solves crimes!”. Yawn.


How To Be A Gentleman – One’s a successful articulate posh guy! One’s a slobby unemployed mess! Both are white! Hilarity ensues! Sigh. I wish I were making this up but yes, this is basically the same premise as 2 Broke Girls, except this is from the rich guy’s point of view. This show would be completely ignorable if it wasn’t for the fact Rhys Darby (Murray from Flight of the Conchords) is in it. And I love him. But I feel like this is probs a “great actor making the best of a rubbish supporting character” situation ala Jennifer Coolidge being epic in Joey.


Person of Interest – A millionaire and a man on the run…. who solve crimes! To be fair, this is the only show from CBS this year that I like the look of, basically because JJ Abrams is executive producing and it stars Ben from Lost. Who is amazing. Hopefully, it does a bit better than the slightly lacklustre trailer below.


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