U.S. Autumn Preview: ABC

Part 3 of my series of previews for next year in the world of American telly. ABC had the biggest clear out of shows of all of the channels this year, so their line-up for next need’s to pretty good.


Desperate Housewives, Modern Family, Cougar Town, Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice will all be back, along with Happy Endings, which definately my pick of last year’s new shows. It’s really very good. E4 need to grab this one while they can. And, you know, before Sky decide to steal like the dickwads they are.


Like I said, ABC decided to have a big ol’ spring clean of their shows, so several shows that actually made over here have bitten the dust, the main ones being Brothers & Sisters, No Ordinary Family and V.

New Shows

Charlie’s Angels – Yep, it’s back. And whereas the films from a few years back were fun campy, kitchy throwbacks, affectionately teasing the original as much as trying to make a decent film in it’s own right, I think we’re supposed to take this version seriously. And with lines like: “You don’t look like cops” “We’re not. We’re angels.”, that’s going to be… tricky to say the least.


Apartment 23 – The most traditional sitcom that ABC are launching this year, it’s a surprisingly mean-spirited trailer. Apparently, the two main characters do become friends and team up to take on other dickwads, so that’s good. A whole series based on two girls fighting would be exhausting. Plus, James van der Beek (off Dawson’s Creek and Ke$ha’s “Blow” video) plays a rather adult version of himself. Has potential, as long as the tone down the bitchyness of the main pair.


Once Upon A Time – Apparently there really aren’t any original ideas anymore. Just like NBC’s effort Grimm, this is taking all the old fairytales and plonking them into the present day, along with a slab of violence and “grittiness”. Like Grimm, this could be OK but will more than likely turn out to be a big pile of wank.


Pan Am – Mad Men really does seem to be inspiring people atm. Bascially, this is about a group of airline stewardesses in the ’60’s and follows all their affairs, dramas and, according to the trailer, spying. Stars Christina Ricci, who is globviously very good, this has gotten a few people very excited.


The River – Horror isn’t done much on TV, so I’ll be interested to see of this can keep the tension going for a whole season, since I don’t see how it could. Or where it could go afterwards. The trailer looks good though, seems to be a sort of mix of Lost and Paranormal Activity.


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