U.S. Autumn Preview: NBC

So the American TV schedules are getting their annual spring-cleaning, meaning that everything has either been cancelled or renewed, plus we get lots of shiny new shows! So, I decided to do a little research into what to look forward to come “Fall”. Yeah, I wasn’t putting that into the main title. It’s called Autumn and that’s that.

So, we’ll start with NBC. Back in’t day they were the home of things like Friends, Will & Grace and Seinfeld. Now? Not so much. But with new owners and a new president, they’re the most interesting network, since they’re going for a complete overhaul.


Community (that one on Viva with Chevy Chase), Parks and Recreations (with Amy Poehler) and Parenthood (basically the new Brothers and Sisters) have all been renewed, as well as The Office with a brand new boss after Steve Carell’s departure, whilst 30 Rock will be starting late in the year due to Tina Fey’s pregnancy. Plus, The Voice has been a huge success, hence rumours starting about a UK version on the BBC. Apparently Dannii Minogue could be a judge, which would be beyond awesome. The big surprise renewal is Chuck, just narrowly avoiding the axe once again. For the last time though as this’ll be it’s last season.


Nothing shown in the UK got the axe, apart from The Event. Although I don’t think that could possibly have come as a surprise to anyone.

New Shows

Smash – This is the one that’s been getting the most media attention as the first of the (I assume) many Glee rip-offs. It stars Debra Messing (Grace from Will & Grace), Jack Davenport (Pirates of the Caribbean, Coupling) and Angelica Houston (Morticia Addams) it’s about the launch of a Broadway show based on Marilyn Monroe. Apparently, it’s fine cos it’s a drama rather than a dramedy like Glee. Still sounds iffy, but apparently the pilot was amazing, and it’s produced by the actual Steven Spielberg, so I’m hopeful.


The Playboy Club – Another sort of rip-off, this time of Mad Men. Set in the very first Playboy mansion, I expect it to be very sexy, which Mad Men is very much not. Particularly with Eddie Cibrian in it. He is one tasty dish.


Up All Night – You know the measure of most American sitcoms these days now, new parents, blah blah blah, fish out of water, blah blah blah, hilarity ensues. The reason why I picking this out of the bunch is that it stars Christina Applegate (Samantha Who?) and Will Arnett (Arrested Development), two comedians I really love quite a lot. So my hopes are higher for this than most.


Grimm – So apparently there’s a family of demon hunters with the surname “Grimm”, and all the fairy tales weren’t just stories, they were warnings. If this sounds at all familiar, that’s because it is almost the exact plotline of notorious British flop Demons. This does not look good. Plus it’s going up against Fringe, which is established and has basically the same audience. Oh dear.


Awake – The trailer for this one has apparently been made private by NBC (what’s the point of making a trailer private btw?) so I haven’t seen any of it, but the premise is pretty awesome. Basically a family are in a car crash and this dude’s wife dies but his son doesn’t. The next day he wakes up and the son is dead but the wife is alive. Parallel universes, people. Aw yeah.


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2 Responses to U.S. Autumn Preview: NBC

  1. cupidsbow says:

    I think the trailer for Up All Night actually looks quite amusing. I’m hoping for good things.

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