Moon River

My God, I loves me some Doctor Who. And I love Lost. And yet when the two merge together, as they apparently have, the feeling is a smidge… disconcerting.

Because, frankly, I’m not sure how much point there is reviewing these episodes now. In a few weeks, maybe even in a few months, these will either be up there with my favourite episodes of all time, or I will hate them with all of my soul for ruining my Doctor Who and turning it into something it isn’t. I’ll be honest, I’m going to guess the former. Cos there is more than enough amazing stuff to be getting on with before the finale kicks off next month.

Just for starters, there’s the new bad guys, the Silence (or Silents. I’m still not sure, I’ll be honest). An amazing piece of design, both by Steven Moffat and the Art department, they’re already in the ranks of iconic aliens, something we’ve been lacking recently (Weeping Angels aside). As usual, Moffat manages to make something terrifying out of almost nothing. The conclusion was a smidge easy, and I still have no idea what’s supposed to have happened to all the dead Silents lying on the ground, or why they didn’t just defend themselves, but frankly I reckon that’ll all be explained on their return outing. And there will be one.

The acting as usual was aces, Matt Smith completely owning the role now, and managing to convincing play an older and younger version so subtly it’s almost unnoticable. Karen Gillan has toned down some of Amy’s more shouty, selfish aspects from last year, leaving us with the companion I fell in love with, Arthur Darvill is completely charming, managing to both stay in the background, and yet draw your eye to him at the same time, whilst Alex Kingston can be both bad-ass and heartbreaking. The guest stars are good too, as Nixon could have been too stereotype-y but was pitch perfect.

An aspect of last year I despised was the whole “Amy loves the Doctor, not Rory” thing, since it made Amy look like a bitch and Rory look pathetic for putting up with it. Hence my delight with the whole “stupid face” thing turning out the way it did. But for future reference, Amy, “falling out of the sky” is not a particularly widely used expression. And if you’re not going to use his name then at least make it completely obvious you’re not talking about that spaceman who literally dropped out of the sky. Speaking of, I’ll give Moffat the benefit of the doubt, but DO NOT make the Doctor go all sexy with River. Because I DO NOT LIKE THAT.

Then there’s all the twists and questions which I’m not even going to bother guessing at. The dead Doctor, the regenerating little girl, Amy’s pregnancy, River’s true identity etc. Plus, where was the dead Doctor’s TARDIS? And how did the old Doctor know he was going to die if they’re all refusing to tell him? And what was the young Doctor doing while Amy and Rory were settling into married life? And how did the astronaut end up in the sea? And why did it shoot the Doctor? And who was inside? And what were the Silence doing with the little girl? See what I mean? Exhausting. It would have been nice to have a bit more of a conclusion rather than the “Oh well, these Silents are gone, that’s that then”.

Oh, and a bit I didn’t like was the start of episode 2. Don’t get me wrong it was cinematic and epic and amazing, but why exactly were they doing it if Nixon was on side the whole time?

Anyway, other bits of amazing:

  • Amy searching the orphanage.
  • the Easter Island joke.
  • “The Nose, the Legs and Mrs Robinson”
  • The invisible TARDIS decloaking. I just enjoyed the SFX.
  • Amy screaming as she shot the astronaut. Don’t know why just thought it was in character.
  • River’s leap from the building and her “landing”.
  • River and Rory in period dress.
  • The gunfight in the Silence ship. Completely out of character and not at all Doctor Who-ish but loved it all the same.

So in conclusion, very exciting, very epic, but could do with more answers please.

Oh, and what the fuck was with that eyepatch lady?!


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