Thursday Treat #5: Matt Smith

Now, here’s an odd one, and no mistake. Let’s face it, Matt Smith isn’t the most conventionally of attractive dudes is he? So how the fuck is he so damned sexy?!

I’ll be honest it has been a struggle to find sexy pics of him. This might seem strange since I’ve picked him as this week’s Thurday Treat. But he just isn’t particularly hot in photos, but moving around he is, honestly, one of the sexiest dudes around. It’s very confusing. It’s like a Magie Eye picture. You have to look past him, to see him.

And if there’s anything hotter than when he makes out with a bloke in “Christopher and His Kind”, then I don’t want to know what it is, because I would most likely explode.

See? Ooh la la. *Fans self*


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2007 Brit Award nominee for Best International Female
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3 Responses to Thursday Treat #5: Matt Smith

  1. cupidsbow says:

    He was my number 4! I think you’ve done very well at picking good photos, I used the first one too. He’s a hottie, especially in that second one. Yumsters.

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  3. I agree on that, he’s absolutely hot!!

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