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Moronic Sacrifice

OK, I think it’s important that I go over the first 85 mins of this two parter before I get to that insanely good cliffhanger. Oh my God though! *Breathes calmly* Advertisements

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Thursday Treat #8: Darren Criss

Glee’s finished in America now,and is soon to finish in the UK (and, frankly, it might as well be for good, since it’s moving to Sky next year) so I thought I’d celebrate with another Glee-related Thursday Treat. And there … Continue reading

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U.S. Autumn Preview: The CW

The poor old CW. The American equivalent of Channel 5. It tries so hard, but people still don’t care.

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U.S. Autumn Preview: CBS

If you didn’t know (and if you’re English, then let’s face it, why would you?) CBS is currently the channel to beat over in the States. So with so much success going on, they’re the ones that are basically keeping … Continue reading

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U.S. Autumn Preview: ABC

Part 3 of my series of previews for next year in the world of American telly. ABC had the biggest clear out of shows of all of the channels this year, so their line-up for next need’s to pretty good.

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Thursday Treat #7: Steve Jones

So, if you’ve been reading my blog recently (and if you haven’t, then may God have mercy on your soul), then you’ll know all the big shows for next year are being previewed in America. Which includes the US X … Continue reading

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U.S. Autumn Preview: Fox

Ah, Fox. A mass of contradictions. On the one hand, you’ve got their news channel, the most right-wing news station this side of Sky, whilst on the other, you’ve got some of the most forward-thinking, commie shows on TV like … Continue reading

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