Like the Emmys, but a bit shit.

So the telly BAFTAs have been announced and it’s a fairly mixed bag. Whilst, many of the categories are impossible to call, such is the standard of the nominees, there are some notable omissions, and one inclusion that REALLY grinds my gears.

Leading Actor
Jim Broadbent – Any Human Heart
Benedict Cumberbatch – Sherlock
Daniel Rigby – Eric and Ernie
Matt Smith – Doctor Who

OK, globviously my loyalites lie firmly at Matt Smith. The first Doctor to ever be nominated for a BAFTA, he’s just immense. My other pick would be Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, who is utterly perfect. However, I feel like Sherlock and the Who might be considered slighty light-weight compared to the other nominees, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jim Broadbent walk away with this one.

Leading Actress
Anna Maxwell Martin – South Riding
Vicky McClure – This Is England ’86
Natalie Press – Five Daughters
Juliet Stevenson – Accused

At the last count, Anna Maxwell Martin already had two of these, so I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see her pick up another. On the other hand, voters might decide she’s had her turn, and her previous success might actually count against her. Still, she does have two already.

Supporting Actor
Brendan Coyle – Downton Abbey
Martin Freeman – Sherlock
Johnny Harris – This Is England ’86
Robert Sheehan – Misfits

Since I fancy the pants off of Robert Sheehan, I’m supporting him. But this is a very strong category, and it could go to any of them. Odd that Sheehan’s been nominated as a Supporting Actor. Since, you know, he blatantly isn’t.

Supporting Actress
Gillian Anderson – Any Human Heart
Lynda Baron – The Road To Coronation Street
Lauren Socha – Misfits
Jessie Wallace – The Road To Coronation Street

Gillian Anderson won’t get it. She’s American for God’s sake. Of the others, I’d say it’ll probs go to Jessie Wallace. I bet she’s annoyed she went back to Easties now, eh? One question: where the hell is Maggie Smith for Downton Abbey?!

Entertainment Performance
Rob Brydon – The Rob Brydon Show
Stephen Fry – QI
Harry Hill – Harry Hill’s TV Burp
Graham Norton – The Graham Norton Show

Since the Rob Brydon Show wasn’t any good, and TV Burp and QI have gone way down hill recently, I’m going to go with the brilliant, and actually quite under-rated Graham Norton Show FTW.

Female Performance In A Comedy Programme
Jo Brand – Getting On
Dawn French – Roger and Val Have Just Got In
Miranda Hart – Miranda
Katherine Parkinson – The IT Crowd

Who said women aren’t funny? That’s right, most people. But this lot are still all very talented. Roger and Val isn’t really a comedy show, so Dawn French won’t win, and I have a feeling Katherine Parkinson is just making up the numbers. My money’s on Miranda.

Male Performance In A Comedy Programme
James Buckley – The Inbetweeners
Steve Coogan – The Trip
Tom Hollander – Rev.
David Mitchell – Peep Show

David Mitchell seems the obvious choice, but I reckon Tom Hollander might sneak it.

Drama Series
Being Human
Downton Abbey

I watch all four of these, and love them all utterly. I really don’t know which will win, but I reckon the sheer classiness of Downton Abbey might clinch it.

Continuing Drama
Coronation Street
Waterloo Road

I want EastEnders to get it, but I’ll understand if it doesn’t. It’s been fairly inconsistant over the last year. Well, as long as Waterloo Road doesn’t get it, I’m not too fussed.

Boardwalk Empire
The Killing
Mad Men

Globvs, I’m supporting Glee here, but even I realise it doesn’t have a snowball’s chance. I’d say Mad Men. Or maybe Broadwalk Empire, since it’s been cleaning up at the American awards, despite some iffy reviews.

Situation Comedy
Mrs Brown’s Boys
Peep Show
The Trip

Right, we actually have some fairly decent sitcoms going on on British telly atm (e.g. Miranda, Friday Night Dinner). So why in the name of all things holy, has the shit-fest that is Mrs Browns Boys been nominated for a freakin’ BAFTA?! If you haven’t seen it, you’re one of the lucky ones. Able to reduce my parents to hysterical fits, it has left every young person I know stony-faced. It’s basically an Irish man dressed as a woman, saying feck a lot and making jokes about willies. It’s actually a step back from the Carry On films. It, and it’s inexplicable success, actually makes me embarrassed to be Irish.


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