No One’s Ever Going To Forget You

So, I haven’t blogged in a forever, and since I’m starting again, I couldn’t possibly do anything without paying tribute to one of my favouritest people ever: the magnificent Elisabeth Sladen.

There’s a reason pretty much every Doctor Who fan agrees that Sarah Jane Smith was the best companion ever. She was. Her chemistry with both Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker was extraordinary, and she gave Sarah Jane a vulnerability that was utterly endearing. Sarah never hid that she was scared or worried, but carried on anyway. She never blindly ran into situations like some ridiculous Action Woman, she chose to be brave every time.

She argued with aliens, taught queens of entire planets about feminism, teased the Brigadier about being a swinger (seriously), and fondly rolled her eyes at the Doctor being completely mental.

Then, of course, she came back to do it all over again. The Sarah Jane Adventures is one of the only decent kids shows left, the most popular programme in the history of the CBBC channel and beloved by children (and grown ups) across the globe. This is a show fronted by a 60 year old woman. A kids show. It’s success is an ever-lasting testament to the unstoppable charisma of Lis Sladen. And I throughly recommend you all watch the last four series of it. They’re really very good.

There’ll never be a death that will devestate quite so many Who fans. Not even one of the Doctors. She was special to so many people, young and old, for reasons I’m not nearly eloquent enough to type here. She was indescribably amazing.

I’ll finish on the tribute the BBC made for broadcast straight after Saturday’s episode of Doctor Who. Be warned, there’s a montage at the end that could reduce a Weeping Angel to floods of tears.

Goodbye Sarah Jane Smith. The Doctor’s best friend.

Elisabeth Sladen (1948-2011)


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