Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

After last week’s horrendousness, Glee can get back to normal and actually think about the characters a bit more, rather than who would be best to dedicate an episode to. And we get the beginning of possible the biggest storyline of Season 2.

The reason I love Glee is that it does completely unexpected things. Whereas most comedys would introduce a character like Coach Beiste to look silly and make horrible jokes about her looks, Glee does the same… and then makes you feel awful for laughing. I don’t think any show has ever made it so easy to empathise with someone being bullied, even if the kids didn’t mean it that way. I loved the storyline, even if Will once again proved himself to be a massive douche by telling the kids Beiste must never know what’s going on, and then immediately running off and telling her. Idiot. Oh, and why was Mike so confused and angry that Tina said “Beiste”? He had literally just told her Sam’s story. Could he really not work out that she was doing the same thing?

Puck and Artie meanwhile have struck up an unlikely friendship which frankly, I really enjoy. Puck can sometimes be a little too much of a bellend and Artie’s ventures into romance always leave me hating him. Or when he acts “street”. Eurgh. It’s as bad as Mr Schue’s rapping. So more of that please. And much much less of Artie and Brittany. Leave her alone! She’s Santana’s!

The big storyline though, and the one that’s going to be running for the next few weeks at least, actually, is Kurt’s. Whilst Beiste’s treatment was a bit shitty, Kurt is actively being terrorized by Karofsky. Chris Colfer manages to nail pretty much anything he’s given. He can look genuinely lovestruck whenever Blaine is around (but who can blame him? Sigh. So dreamy), and yet can sell the bullying no problem at all. They walk a very thin line in this storyline, but manage to make sure we know Kurt is really being bullied and yet still not make him out to be a helpless victim. The confrontation scene was amazing, and the twist of Karofsky being a bummer was fairly unexpected. But maybe it should be made clear, some people are genuinely homophobic. They’re not all just violently in denial. Just as a heads up, Glee people. Oh, and bravo Kurt for calling out Mr Schue’s rubbishness. About time.

Oh, and I enjoyed the amount of Sue this week. Most episodes she’s either smothers all the storylines with her ridiculousness, or is left out entirely. A little bit of Sue goes a long way. Now, where did I put my glitter cannons?

The Songs

One Love/People Get Ready – Very nice. And I like Puck’s voice. Nothing too amazing, but still a really nice way to kick off the singing for the episode. B

Teenage Dream – I defy anyone to watch Blaine sing this and not fall head over heels in love. A*

Start Me Up/Livin’ On A Prayer – I loved the mash-up contest last year, but this one seemed a little thrown in. Like they needed something for the others to do. Still this was good. Just nowhere near as good as last year’s Halo/Walking On Sunshine. B

Stop! In The Name Of Love/Free Your Mind – I’m not entirely sure this actually got the message to Beiste across that they actually wanted. I didn’t really buy either the rockier bits or the lovey-dovey bits. Enjoyed Kurt’s dancing though. C

The Quotes

“I’m gonna have to go straight to the wound care center. I’m gonna have to stare at some wounds.” – Sue

“Okay, hold up. Like, a million awesome gay jokes just popped into my head.” – Santana

“Look, I’m not tossing the baby out without the bathwater here…” “I’ve totally done that.” – Will and Brittany

“It finally occurred to them to stop singing all that nonsense about how awesome it is to be alive, or ugly, or whatever the point is you guys are always trying to make.” – Sue

“If everyone put out we’d have a winning football team.” – Santana

“Guess what hamhock, you’re not my type. I don’t do that chubby boy who sweats so much they’re gonna be bald by the time they’re 30.” – Kurt


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2 Responses to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

  1. cupidsbow says:

    I read something that criticised Mr Schue for his kiss with the Beiste, and I totally agree. It’s so arrogant of him to assume that she’ll be grateful for his kiss, when it’s her first kiss. She might have wanted her first kiss to be with someone that she loved, not someone who was doing it out of pity. I’ve come to really dislike Will, and I’m glad that he’s taking a bit more a backseat with regards to storylines lately. Also, as you said, he’s the one that told her. So instead of reprimanding the kids and saying that it’s a nasty thing to do, but sparing her feelings by not telling her, he goes to her, tells her what they do and makes her feel bad, then he makes himself feel like the big man by coming to her rescue. Douche.

    Also I like your summing up of the whole Karofsky bullying thing. Because you rightly point out that some people are just homophobic bullies, without being gay, but you don’t take Glee to task for taking this route. I have read so much about how Glee shouldn’t have done it, that they took the easy way out by making him gay, and that they have a duty to portray the bullying storyline in a much more responsible way (i.e. by not making him gay). I agree that Glee manages to reach a large audience, and in that respect that they certainly can make use of that opportunity to explore issues, but I don’t think that they have a duty to do anything. At the end of the day, it’s a drama/comedy/musical – whatever you want to call it – and the writers have a duty to the audience to simply come up with the storylines that they feel are going to work best in terms of the story and the journey for the characters. Glee isn’t a Public Service Announcement, it’s a television show, and, rightly or wrongly (in terms of the story), they decided that the best way to take this storyline was to make Karofsky gay.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the next three episodes again, because musically, I think they are amazing. At least, five or so of my favourite Season 2 songs are coming up.

    • rmdbutler says:

      You don’t have to tell me that he’s a wanker. And when he was all “High school is tough for all of us”, I know that the official line is that he was a geek in school but I doubt Matthew Morrison has had a difficult day in his life.

      As for the other, I completely agree that Glee shouldn’t have the world’s social problems and have them dumped at their feet and expected to be solved, they have set themselves up with it. They do try and sort the stuff out so when they don’t manage it, it’s disappointing (re: Rocky Horror). If, say, Two and a Half Men made some anti-trans jokes, it would be utterly unexpected, but you expect better from Glee. Having said that, I’m fine having this storyline since it allows them to show Karofsky coming to terms with himself, thereby helping some kids who are also struggling. But some kind of disclaimer where someone is all “Not all homophobes are gay” would be nice.

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