Going through a Rocky patch

I’ve been fairly vocal on this blog about how the Rocky Horror special of Glee is by far and away my least favourite episode ever. And I sat through the one about Funk. So on my repeat viewing, I was hoping I would change my opinion of it.

I didn’t. Well, not that much. I certainly found a lot more to like about it this time. The recreation of the titles from the movie, complete with singing lips (apparently Santana, but I’m still convinced it’s Quinn) were brilliant, the costumes and sets were excellent, and Mr Schue, Finn and Sam all took their clothes off. Jolly enjoyable. And this episode gave Sue the chance to run rampant which is always a good thing (particularly loving the cravat she wore as director). And as usual, when Glee decides to funny, it’s hilarious.

But whilst it’s fun and campy (it was always going to be), it’s incredibly flawed. Mr Schue continues to be a complete douche, subjecting the kids to roles they’re not comfortable with just so he can steal Emma from a relationship that she’s really happy in. So happy it’s curing her OCD, and yet all that that (admittedly jolly attractive) dickbag can think of his himself. If Carl was a dick too, I might be more on Schue’s side, but he has been nothing but lovely to Emma, the Glee kids, and frankly, Will himself. If the writers want me to actually like Will ever again, they need to get him away from Emma for a while. And you know, keep up the whole “not rapping” thing.

Then there’s the real reasons I loathe this episode. The morals. Glee can be heavy handed with it’s messages at the best of times, but here it has three oppurtunities to give decent advice to the audience, and manages to royally balls it up every time.

Finn is described as causing people to need grief counselling when people see him in his pants. Basically we’re being told unless you look like Chord Overstreet, you should never EVER take your clothes of all feel vaguely proud of your body. When the girls had this kind of storyline, Mercedes was told to never let anyone tell you how to feel about yourself. With the boys, we get told that the attractive, and not even vaguely overweight Finn should keep his clothes on, and body image problems in guys is basically a humongous joke. Cheers Glee. I’ll just go vom up my dinner, shall I?

The big message at the end that Schue gives seems to want to be along the lines of “We’re different and that’s great” but ends up being more “We’re different and people don’t want to see that, so let’s just keep out of their way, and hide in the shadows, shall we?”. Considering the number of times Glee has done the whole “good to be different” message it’s a wonder how they managed to fuck this one up so badly.

Which brings me round nicely to the trans issue. One of the best things about Glee is how it stands up for the minorities, and tells kids that they can be who they want. Apparently this feeling doesn’t spread as far as trans people. We get Frank N Furter played by a woman, Kurt reacting in disgust at being asked to play the part, Mike throwing around the word tranny and everyone letting him get away with it (that’s like the trans equivalent of the n-bomb) and then the biggest insult, the word transsexual replaced with sensational in “Sweet Transvestite”. An offensive slur is fine but not the actual term to refer to them. Brilliant. Trans people are mocked and worse in literally every country across the world, and Glee decided to not only not help, but actively join in. Dislike.

Even with all that, the core problem is that Rocky Horror was not a good choice. Let’s face it, the only song people remember is Time Warp. The amount of special that have been thrown away because the artist doesn’t have enough well known songs (Bruce Springsteen, Justin Beiber etc) means that any musical that got a special should have been a complete classic. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t seen everyone knows at least three songs from the likes of Grease or The Sound of Music. I think Ryan Murphy made a promise and then realised it would be impossible to do it right. It could, and should, have ended up better than this though.

The Songs

Over At The Frankenstein Place – Genuinely I watched the episode 10 minutes ago and I cannot remember this song. Tells you every thing, I suppose. I think I enjoyed it but, shrug. D

Dammit Janet – It was alright. Kurt, Merceds and Quinn were the best bit though. Oh, and Rachel’s epically hammy “I’M ACTING” faces. Love those. C

Hot Patootie – Yawn. I know this is the one that Carl sings in the choir room, and I know he was good, but I couldn’t hum it if I tried. D

Sweet Transvestite – Mercedes was amazing, everyone else was awesome, but the cop out of the woman as the lead combined with the horrendously offensive word change (see above), makes this one of my least favourite Glee songs ever. F

Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-Me – Finally. This was good. Emma’s voice globvs isn’t anywhere near as good as the others, but it’s nice and she is utterly charming. Plus Mr Schue with no shirt. But with tie, which I think might be sexier than no tie at all. Oh, and I adored Brittany and Santana dancing around. B

Time Warp – If this had been isolated in another episode, it’d be up there with the best. As it is, it has been tainted. Soz. Still loved it though. A

The Quotes

“What are you going to be for Halloween this year?” “I’m going as a peanut allergy.” – Kurt and Brittany

“I have no idea what’s going on in this script, and it’s not in a cool Inception kind of way.” – Finn

“Halloween is fast approaching. The day when parents encourage little boys to dress like little girls, and little girls to dress like whores.” – Sue (although frankly, any line from Sue’s Corner would have worked here)

“70% of all teeth in this school are wooden.” – Sue

“Is there a way I could wear some gold board shorts or something? These are really short. I’m afraid I’m going to show off some nuttage.” – Sam

“Get me some chocolate or I will cut you.” – Becky


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