Thursday Treat #1: Chord Overstreet

In the grand tradition of TV, I’m completely ripping off someone else’s idea (See: Strictly/Dancing On Ice). If you’ve never popped in on my mate Jane’s blog, it’s brilliant, and she really does have an eye for awesome links to things (particularly Star Wars stuff).

Anyway she does a thing every Tuesday where she points out the latest dude who she has a crush on, so I thought I’d do the same. To change things slightly, I’ve moved the day and frankly, there’s very little chance any of the men will over lap.

So this week, I thought I’d begin with Glee (as I so often do) and my current major crush, Chord Overstreet. When he first came into it, I wasn’t convinced but then he took his top off. Plus the character is a massive geek, which always sits well with me.

BTW, my post about the Rocky Horror Glee will be up tonight. I just need to bring myself to watch it again. It’s fairly awful.


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