I want to go to Breadstix

Now the problem with Glee at this stage of the second season is that it’s still bedding in. Ryan Murphy had made a lot of promises to fans over last summer and then decided to keep them, however much they felt shoehorned in, like the Britney episode, or next week’s awful Rocky Horror tribute. Plus, there are all the new characters to introduce, and the pressure of living up to the amazing first season, so it’s understandable if some episodes are a bit average.

Such as this one. There’s definately nothing wrong with it, but it doesn’t really feel like the sum of it’s parts. It has nothing to recommend it, and just feels a bit like filler.

It does push the plot of the show along in two ways though. Properly introduce Sam, and have some romantic shenanigans go down. First, Sam. I think I may be in love. Not only is he FIT, with all three capital letters, and oh so very pretty but he’s learnt the entire Na’vi language from Avatar. And as you may be able to tell from my knowledge of the apostrophe in the word Na’vi, I do love me a geek. He’s sweet, charming, a bit thick, fit as, and plays an instrument in a non-douchy way. He’s everything that Finn is supposed to be but isn’t. Plus I’m rooting for Sam and Quinn way more than Finn and Rachel but that’s only for my growing-by-the-week-in-intensity hatred for Finn.

And he comes off no better this week. Whereas Rachel’s schemeing is somehow even more hilarious and endearing when she’s sabotaging herself, Finn is utterly charmless, and once again manages to come off as homophobic. Yes, he may have a point that Sam might get some stick for standing by Kurt, but at least it means Sam has a pair. It was nice for the really quite inappropriate behaviour from Kurt last year to be finally pointed out, and equally nice for Kurt not to go creepy with Sam.

Elsewhere, Artie also managed to make me hate him some more, but less so than Finn. He got all pissy at Brittany for what exactly? Sleeping with people before him? Has he not heard the things that she’s come out with? Of course she has! And she was still very much interested, and not once did she imply that sex with Artie didn’t mean anything to her, Santana did. Just because you in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you automatically have the moral high ground. Soz.

It was particularly annoying that he acted so wounded since I hated him a little bit more for getting in the way of Brittany and Santana. They love each other. They do. And I don’t care what anyone says, Brittany was thinking of Santana, not Artie, when she did the most heartbreaking meatball nose roll I’ve ever seen.

The Songs

Don’t Go Breaking My Heart – If I was that drummer, I’d be really annoyed with Finn only drumming when he feels like it. Dude, either drum or don’t. Let the other guy do his job. The song was good though. Particularly Rachel, globvs. B

River Deep – Mountain High – I’m very pleased that the producers have realised that Mercedes and Santana are awesome together. Because they are. And this performance was awesome. A

Le Jazz Hot! – I think I would have enjoyed this more if I actually knew the song, but of course Chris Colfer completely sells it. And a bit of gender-bending never hurt anyone. B

Sing! – Well, at least Mike’s fit. C

Lucky – “So freakin’ charming”. Santana pretty much summed it up for me. A

Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy – A Judy/Barbra duet sung by Rachel and Kurt. What kind of gay would I be if I didn’t love this? A

The Quotes

“He’s on Team Gay. No straight boy dies his hair to look like Linda Evangelista circa 1993” – Kurt

“I thought I was over someone, but I still think I have feelings for them.” “The Clintons?” – Artie and Brittany

“I think you and I are more similar than you think.” “That’s a terrible thing to say.” – Rachel and Kurt

“For a while, I thought you were a robot.” – Brittany

“I’m like a lizard. I need something warm beneath me or else I can’t digest my food.” – Santana


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