We don’t get to see the werewolf sex?!

I do love me some Being Human. No, not the American remake (I don’t care how many times people point out The Office, I’ll never be convinced remakes are a good idea) but the completely brilliant Bristol/Barry version that is finally back (and will be on iPlayer for some considerable time)

Since Series One was completely mega, whereas Series Two was slightly less mega than that, you can see why I might have been a teeny bit worried that it was going to Jump the Shark. Fortunately, we were treated to possibly my favourite episode ever.

Where to start? Well, with Mitchell I suppose. I’ve always found Mitchell likeable but a bit whiny. A bit emo. Slightly irritating, truth be told. Plus, his moral compass has always been all over the shop. So, amazingly, we had a character who could tell him exactly that. I’ve been slightly concerned that now she’s left Easties, Lacey Turner might not actually be any good in anything else, but she was immense. Particularly the scene on the train as she confronts Mitchell. Whilst the character might have had the odd odd line (e.g. “spit spot” or “let’s make tracks”) which just didn’t sound right, for me she completely stole the show. I would like her back please.

Annie, meanwhile, was pretty much sidelined. Last year, there seemed to be an increasing problem for the writers as they ran out of things to do with her (that ghost baby jumps to mind) and I really hope she doesn’t continue down that road.

George and Nina provided most of the LOLZ this week what with the Jewish prayers, and the accidental dogging, the rubbish sex scene and the wolf sex. Both Russell Tovey and Sinead Keenan are awesome with the comedy scenes, particularly Nina’s desperate attempts to spring George. Hopefully, they’ll be able to properly be a couple as sometimes I feel like Nina isn’t actually that fond of George. But that may be my instant jealousy towards anyone that gets to kiss Russell Tovey. And his arse is out again! Hooray! Always a highlight.

Plus, there’s the new subplot with Robson Green (weirdly) and his quite hot-in-a-mega-chavvy-way son. Disappointed that the vampire/werewolf fight club thing seems to be done with so quickly, although not said to see the back of Paul Kaye. Dude isn’t exactly the most subtle of actors.

So, all in all, an absolutely incredible opener to what looks to be an amazing series. And Herrick isn’t even back yet!


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