Episode VI: The Great Muppet Caper

Let’s face it, Family Guy has been going down hill for a while. The last couple of years the cutaways have been getting more and more random, almost as if they’re only there to amuse the writing staff, Seth MacFarlane won’t stop singing, and seriously? The Conway Twitty gag has been done. Wasn’t even that funny to begin with.

An exception to the rule recently has been the “Star Wars” spoofs. Without the usual non-stop barrage of cutaways, you’d only get a few, always Star Wars related. And for a ridiculously big Star Wars fan, such as myself, that’s pretty awesome. “Blue Harvest” may not have been the funniest thing ever, but it included a Doctor Who reference, so I was always going to be happy with it. Meanwhile, “Something Something Something Dark Side”, as well as being named after one of the best jokes in Family Guy history, was also the best episode in a while, with the majority of the jokes hitting the mark, a rare thing for this programme these days.

So, frankly I wasn’t sure what I was going to get with this, “It’s A Trap!”, the Return of the Jedi spoof. And, unfortunately, it’s back to the quality of the main show. Yes, there are some good bits, for instance Peter suddenly deciding he’s had enough of the cutesy Ewoks and wants to make the film a little darker, or the incessant insulting of Seth Green, but for the most part it’ll just make you smile a bit, or think “Really? That’s it?”.

One of the main gags from the first two specials was the casting of beloved characters (and Meg) into the Star Wars universe. For the most part, that joke isn’t there anymore, what with most of the characters already established, and most of the Family Guy characters being used. The main kicks you’ll get out of it, is if you’re a fan of either American Dad (I am) or the Cleveland Show (I’m not). Oh, and Carrie Fisher guest-stars. Awesome.

So, my advice would be to wait for it on the telly, or watch it through… other means. Not that I’d ever suggest illegal downloading. You know, borrow it off of a friend or something. Because you’ll enjoy it a lot more if you haven’t wasted any money on it. Oh, and if you don’t like Star Wars, then just don’t bother at all.


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