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Please Please Don’t Leave Me

At the minute, it does seem like the majority of good telly at the moment is coming from America. And although they make better telly, the way they run the business is… iffy at best. Over here, if something is … Continue reading

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TV can suck it. But, you know, in a good way

Isn’t Charlie Brooker awesome? Like Harry Hill but really, really, REALLY nasty. Like however bitchy I may be on this blog, I’ve haven’t got shit on The Brooker. Therefore, what with Screenwipe having been off the screens for a while … Continue reading

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Praise Cheesus!

I think this post may be slightly influenced by the fact that I’m British. Cos as we’re all aware, religion in America at the moment is a… shall we say, touchy subject. So to have two main characters in a … Continue reading

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We don’t get to see the werewolf sex?!

I do love me some Being Human. No, not the American remake (I don’t care how many times people point out The Office, I’ll never be convinced remakes are a good idea) but the completely brilliant Bristol/Barry version that is … Continue reading

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Too High, Can’t Come Down

Isn’t it nice when mental celebrities stop being mental? You know, how when Nicole Richie had her weirdly named kids and decided (correctly) the world would be better if she shut up? Or how we all wish Amy Winehouse would … Continue reading

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These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New

So Glee is officially a phenomenon. It’s huge all over the world. We all know that. Unfortunately, we’ve all seen huge programmes become a bit shit after the first massive season. Remember how big Desperate Housewives was? Or Ugly Betty?

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Episode VI: The Great Muppet Caper

Let’s face it, Family Guy has been going down hill for a while. The last couple of years the cutaways have been getting more and more random, almost as if they’re only there to amuse the writing staff, Seth MacFarlane … Continue reading

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