Grange Hill was never like this

Yes, I know The Sarah Jane Adventures is technically for kids, but I don’t care. I loves it, and I shall now take that love out on you.

OK, so if you didn’t know, SJA is the Doctor Who spin-off for younger viewers just as Torchwood is the one for older. But seriously, don’t let that put you off. This is awesome television, that frankly should not be being hidden away on the CBBC Channel.

Anyhoo, so Series 4 has kicked off this week with “The Nightmare Man” and like any good Who-loving psychopath, I watched the very minute I could. And this is good. Really good. It’s frankly ridiculous that it’s surrounded by awkward continuity presenters and rubbish puppets (I don’t know what the fuck that cactus is, but bring back Otis the Aardvark sharpish)

Elisabeth Sladen is not only a grade-A gilf (she’s 62!), but she can own any one she wants when she gets going. In particular, the decrepid, mobility scooter driving nightmare version of Sarah Jane is all kinds of Win. Bring her back please.

Surprisingly, the kids aren’t too bad either. They might not be as amazing as la Sladen, but they’re still much better than anything you’d find on Tracy Beaker, and Tommy Knight (Luke) in particular is really very good in this episode. Also, I would. (Don’t worry, he’s legal)

As for the villian, bloody hell. I’m not sure when it became OK to scare the living crap out of kids in the middle of the afternoon, I am all for it. I have honestly never seen anything so unsettling on kid’s TV, save for when Tess Daly presented SM:TV.

Also, other points of mega: Her off of Smack the Pony in Rani’s nightmare was amazing. K-9 and Mr Smith should get their own spin-off together. And I lovedĀ  the cutting around of time in Episode 1. Seriously, this programme has no right to be so good.


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