Quiz that isn’t for morons = Shock

Only Connect on BBC Four is one of the only things on the channel that isn’t either incredibly dull or one of those amazing biography dramas they do. Fortunately, it is amazing on roughly eleventy different levels.

So the basic idea behind it is to find connections. It is also a quiz that can be both incredibly complicated and also have questions that appeal to the lowest common denominator. For example, you are just as likely to be finding a connection between different operas as you are to be finding the different vehicles from Bob the Builder.

As with many programmes, this sort of thing could be rubbish with the wrong host. Fortunately, Only Connect is hosted by the Goddess that is Victoria Coren. You may recognise her from panelist slots on things like The Bubble and You Have Been Watching. If you do, then you should already know how amazing she is. Funny, cutting, sarcastic, incredibly clever. I have a mahoosive girl-crush on her.

There are four rounds to it, and they’re the sort of questions where if you do find the connections then you feel incredibly clever. Which I always find jolly nice. In the first round, the teams are each have to find the connection between four phrases, words, pictures, or songs. They are given one at a time and the less clues you need, the more points you get.

The second round is similar but instead of four clues you receive three, and have to work out the fourth connection yourself. This round is probs the most difficult, I only got one that was about Star Trek films in the most recent episode. Boo.

The third round is mega. A wall of sixteen words or phrases, where you have to find the four groups of four and the connections they have. It’s difficult to explain how awesome this round is, so you can actually play it yourself on the Only Connect website. Love it.

Finally, a round where words have their vowels removed and then have the words smooshed together e.g. Only Connect would become NL YCN NCT. This is the high scoring “fingers on buzzers” round which can completely flip the results by it’s end.

I realise this post probs isn’t as funny as other posts but that’s mainly because I’m only funny when slagging things iff and I simply can’t slag off Only Connect. I love it too much. Seriously though, watch it.


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