Keep Holding On

I know, I know, I’ve been a bit rubbish with the updates over the past week, but I’m currently job hunting, which annoyingly takes precedence. Boo-urns.

Anyhoo, time to continue on my Glee recaps:

Vitamin D

It’s My Life/Confessions Pt II: These mash-ups are immense. Like, really, really good. Both of them. The boys one is probs slightly less amazing than the girls, but that is only because the songs the girls used are nothing short of epic. A

Halo/Walking on Sunshine: My God, I loves this. Possibly my favourite Glee track ever. The only possible problem is that it’s only 2 minutes long, when frankly I could listen to this song all day long. I loves it. A*


Hate On Me: The minority kids R’n’B it up and do you know what? Not half bad. It’d probs be more enjoyable if everyone else got a go at singing, rather than just leaving it to Mercedes, as only letting one of them have the limelight sort of misses the point of being inclusive. Which, knowing Glee, is probably the point. B

No Air: Tacky, cheesy, overly-heartfelt, and the use of a ridiculous wind machine in the episode. In short, enjoyable. B

Keep Holding On: I have long been of the opinion that Avril Lavigne sings very good songs, just very badly. Hence, this cover (with it’s significant lack of an irritating wannabe-goth woman child) is completely mega. A


Bust A Move: He still can’t rap, but my God, Mr Schue looks good in a t-shirt, doesn’t he? Also, this song is utterly ridiculous, and therefore brilliant. B

Sweet Caroline: I don’t know any straight woman or gay man who can listen to/watch this performance without slipping off of their chair. The very definition of sexy. A


Dancing with Myself: Glee really is at it’s most amazing when it reinvents the songs rather than just singing very high quality kareoke versions. As such, I much prefer this to the slightly obnoxious original. A

Defying Gravity: I still haven’t seen Wicked, making me the worst homosexual in the world, but if the rest of the show is as good as the this song then it’ll be my new favourite thing. Also, yay for a Kurt solo, at last. A*

Proud Mary: It’s Proud Mary. Sung by the cast of Glee. Of course it’s incredible, what the hell were you expecting? A*


Endless Love: I don’t think there’s anyone in the western world that can sing this song without wanting to mimic Chandler and Phoebe in Friends, but this avoids those pitfalls. Heartwarming. A

I’ll Stand By You: Finn’s rubbish. There I said it. Can’t sing as well as the others, can’t act as well, and isn’t nearly as attractive as most of them. And since, Idon’t even particularly like the original, nor (shock) the Girls Aloud version, this was never really going to do it for me. E

Don’t Stand So Close To Me/Young Girl: Keeping up the awesome record of mash-ups on this show, you have to agree with Emma’s evaluation of Will’s performance. And he didn’t rap. Bonus. A

(You’re) Having My Baby: Possibly the cringiest moment in Glee history. Why would you sing to your girlfriend at the dinner table with her parents in the room?! Awful. F

Lean On Me: Not offensive, but not exactly good either. Just a bit… bland really. D


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