Don’t Stop Believin’

This week, I haven’t actually been watching any telly, but thanks to the complete Glee Season 1 DVD box set, just out, I have been gleeking out to the max. I should warn you now, if you don’t like Glee then frankly, you can fuck off.

As the brand new season starts in America next Tuesday, and therefore will be available to UK viewers on the Internet next Wednesday (or in January on E4 if you’re boring), I’ve decided to do a little recap of series one and all of the songs featured, over the next few days.


Lets face it, most of the performances were minimal at best, so let’s focus on the main one shall we?

Don’t Stop Believin’: There’s not really a lot to be said. It was already a tune. It became more of a tune. People are now sick of it. It remains a tune. A*


Gold Digger: The debut of Mr Schue’s rapping. Oh dear. He may pretty, but that boy cannot rap to save his life. Also, Jordan doesn’t like it when they sing “broke, broke”, rather than the much ruder, racially sensitive, original lyrics. Mercedes is good though. C

Push It: TUUUUUUUUUNE!!!!! Love it. It’s immense. Best bits: “S-salt n Pepa’s here!” and Artie’s talky “This is for all the sexy people. Holla!” bit at the beginning. A

Take A Bow: Right, Rachel’s voice is amazing an everything, no doubt, but I think she sort of missed the point of the song. It’s supposed to be sarcastic, but she just sounds all lovelorn and wimpy. D


This Is How We Do It: The Acafellas thing always felt a bit off, and a bit pointless. I don’t really want to watch some bit characters performing an average song. Not cool. E

Bust Your Windows: This is more like it. Mercedes getting her black on, even if it would take a lot more than a couple of manipulative cheerleaders to be able to convince a non-retard that Kurt is anything else but a massive bum-lord. B

I Wanna Sex You Up: Only worth it for Puck being all sexy. And sweet lord, is he ever. D


Taking Chances: Obviously, this is really rather good. Even if it is a cover of a Celine Dion song. B

Also, this episode dropped the ball on an epic scale by only having Kurt do the dance to Single Ladies and not let him sing it. Boo-urns, Glee producers. Boo-urns.

The Rhodes Not Taken

Maybe This Time: My God, Kristin Chenoweth is fucking amazing isn’t she? Like really, properly, actual fantastic. Soz Rachel, but you pretty much got owned on this one. A

Alone: God, she really is good, isn’t she? I love her so much. Maybe she might like it if I send her some of my hair? A

Last Name: Or maybe a pair of my underpants? Or my spit in a vial that she can wear as a necklace? Maybe I should just kidnap her and keep her as my prisoner? Then she’ll love me back…. A

Somebody to Love: *Cough* I mean… nothing. Anyway this one is pretty much amazing. Deffo their best since Don’t Stop. A*


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